The challenge of how we need to develop our “pattern of communication” in our Sunday Night Men’s Prayer Time just added material to the merry-go-round going on inside of my head over a Series that had been developing over the period of few weeks.  The name of the Series changed several times, thus so had the design concept.  The words that were needed to be heard: “Sometimes we just need to be willing to listen”, both a verbal and mental tipping point became the three that start every phrase in this Series: Let Every Man…

The Latch Phrase

It was difficult coming into our Prayer Time because my head was on fire inside, which makes it more difficult to concentrate, becoming very evident when speaking.  My contribution was minimal, but the lesson was put right there in front of me with such an excited simplicity that it was all I could do to write it down fast enough.  Sometimes, we get the process out of order was the challenge brought to us from James 1:19-20 | KJV

“Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath: For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God.”
James 1:19-20 | King James Version

The focus for the four men there was the pattern of communication, which is turned all over upside down when we introduce our emotions into the equation.  The verses say to be: swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.  When we let our emotions get in the way, we have a tendency to do just the opposite: we don’t want to listen, we have the tendency to say whatever is on our mind, no matter who it might hurt and in doing so, we can let our passions get in the way of even basic reasoning and consideration of others.  We can get out of order in a hurry and out of control just as quickly.


Amazingly placed and very well built are the verses of Scripture that surround those two verses, which has become the focus of this Series.  Our ability to be those kinds of listeners depends on our reliance on God the Father for the how to’s and following the example Jesus provides for us time an again in Scripture.

The Result Of Listening

Preparing this Series reminded me of how well placed Scripture can be a blessing to others even when they might not realize it.  Some while back our family was out at an Italian eatery which we visit from time to time, inexpensive and we like the servers, where it was apparent that our server was having more than just a bad day.  It began at the front door – he was thrilled to see us as we had not been there in several months.  We are complete cut-ups when we go there, which the wait staff seem to appreciate as other patrons are apparently WAY too serious.

He was more erratic than usual and was having difficulty keeping up, stating that the past week had been one disaster after another. Courtney noticed that he was uncomfortable, as we did, but put some shoes on that concern.  We have the habit of writing notes on the receipts, some funny and some serious.  This time – it was SERIOUS.  A complete separate note was written to him, where Courtney asked if it was okay if she gave him my phone number.  With a yes, that is fine, she finished writing, leaving the note under the edge of her plate with the tip.

Later I discovered what she wrote and how important it was to him, because she listened and then recommended someone for him to talk to, who she knew would listen – her Dad.  In my last conversation with him, he thanked me for listening and not judging him, along with his appreciation for me as a parent, taking the time with my child to listen.  His challenges stemmed from a broken home, a broken marriage, a broken body and a broken spirit… In listening and a limited response, he knows Who loves him – God the Father and who will Save him if he trusts Him – Jesus Christ.


The manner in which this Series is established and set up is to say the phrase “Let Every Man…” then follow it with the statement presented in the print.  The nineteen (19) statements used in the prints are provided below.

Statements | Let Every Man

  • Be A Kind Of Firstfruits
  • Be Swift To Hear
  • Be Slow To Speak
  • Be Slow To Wrath
  • Lay Apart Filthiness
  • Lay Apart Naughtiness
  • Receive The Engrafted Word
  • Be Doers Of The Word
  • Be Not Hearers Only
  • Look Into The Perfect Law Of Liberty
  • Therein Continueth
  • Be Not A Forgetful Hearer
  • Be A Doer Of The Work
  • Bridleth His Tongue
  • Be Of Pure Religion
  • Be Undefiled
  • Visit The Fatherless
  • Visit The Widows
  • Keep Himself Unspotted

Each of us have an incredible responsibility for the “continuation of the thought” as one person has said in seeing the prints for this Series.  These are the things that our Creator God wants us to be for HIM, not just for us to do!  It is not a lofty set of goals to look to achieve, but rather a way of life we can continue on till we see His Dear Face as we walk into Eternity…

Let Every Man

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