This very touching and very specifically designed series of prints are special for a number of reasons.  First off, the person who preached the sermons with these headings, just so happens to have been my Youth Director/Pastor from Union Chapel Free Will Baptist Church while attending the 9th and 10th grades at Chocowinity High School.  Yes – Chocowinity is spelled correctly… Rev. Jeff Jones is the Pastor of Hilltop Church in Fuquay-Varina (again, that is a correct spelling for those that are not in this neck of the woods).  He knows personally about “seeing things in perspective”, as rough waters have been found his way, giving a “birds-eye perspective” with each of these prints.

Secondly, this very first print (found on this Web page) was designed and given to a VERY dear Brother of a Brother in our ministry. Bro. Bert (the dear Brother) was an outstanding and gifted viewer of perspective…  Each of the series normally starts with a person in mind, as did this one, but as one begins to understand the “why” it is special, that’s when your heart is going to get changed.  You see Bro. Bert died from Prostate Cancer and this one was the print that came directly from me to him.  Even to the last, Bro. Bert kept an eye and heart on God’s perspective.

Our daughter helped with the image choice, which was taken at the JC Raulston Arboretum on the campus of NC State University (for those of you that know me, my Purple and Gold representing East Carolina University has NOT run anywhere).  As blue colors of things were being flipped through, she stopped me at this blue one, exclaiming that it looked like doves hovering around something.  At first, didn’t want to use the photo because of the “imperfection” in one of the petals, which is where from the mouth of babes things come “but Daddy, we are not perfect and that dove right there IS Bro. Bert, they are hovering around because he is getting fixed” – talk about touching…

Bro. Bert was so appreciative and kind with the gesture of appreciation and kindness when receiving his print – for he had been faithful to pray for an item close to my heart, letting me know periodically that he was still doing so.  After explaining the circle of doves and the color blue (pink just didn’t seem to suit him well…), remember him being taken in by the statement as he read it several times – glancing at it over and over and saying yes with each returned look.

A Slightly Different Direction

The set of prints originally started as four (4) images, with of course “Wonderful” in blue, but there are actually 3 sets of them, with the same layout, just different photos.  The following is a list of words in which the prints were built:

  • Wonderful
  • Separation
  • Forgive
  • Decisions

Life is much of what we make of it, which these four prints with a pointed set of stated FACTS, is a fantastic reminder of the four guard posts we should have established in our lives. The reference is an entire book of the Bible: JOB, which is where this series got the name – “Lessons from Job – By Jeff Jones”.  For me it is important, so important in fact that these prints hang in my office, just above my desk to daily remind me of them, should they be even for a moment tucked away in my mind.

Getting Them Into Someone’s Hands

After trying unsuccessfully several times to get the finished set of original prints to Bro. Jeff, finally decided to give them to Hilltop Church’s Youth Pastor to give to Bro. Jeff in hopes that Ms. Rose, Bro. Jeff’s wife, would want to hang them.  From my understanding… They hang in Bro. Jeff’s office – mission accomplished!