Each of us know what it is to leave things right where they are, whether in a neat manner or a messy one, with the intention of coming “right back to it”…  This study is about something more than just an impression given when we leave things for a moment; it is more akin to the impact made because of the model set forth by it.  Leaving an example for someone usually involves some type of instruction or apprenticeship for the action which is to be carried out.  This can be done personally in the presence of a person who can do so or can be documented & provided in such a manner it is very clear how this task or process is to be carried out.  Hence we have the Series title of “Leaving Us An Example” from I Peter 2:21 | KJV

“For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, that ye should follow his steps”
I Peter 2:21 | King James Version

The entire chapter of I Peter 2 is really necessary reading and pondering to understand the entire context of the meaning of Christ suffering and His leaving us an example to follow especially in this day we live in presently.  This will serve as a launching pad for us to truly see that “example” provided for us from the entire Bible, not just the New Testament.

The word “example” is what immediately became my focus for this phrase – which boiled down to what kind of example am I personally showing to others that are around me – whether it is realized or NOT.  Two gentlemen turned over my perspective wagon as the saying goes with the first telling me of the impact upon his Dad, as that Dad spoke of me often and the second a young man who thanked me for giving him the “chance” as it were, to believe that he could – do anything he set his mind to when he consulted the Lord FIRST.

The word “example” is used the King James a total of 9 times in the English language, with the following characteristics:

  • Entire Bible (EB): 9
  • Old Testament (OT): 0
  • New Testament (NT):9

An amazing study is developing on a “tiny” phrase – “leaving us an example” which has tied directly into “follow me”, but a notice has been made of something that in itself is VERY powerful – the leaving/cleaving aspect that I’d not seen before…  This is getting more exciting!!!


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