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This Series hails from a very interesting beginning, that of a Men’s Retreat whose focus was squarely placed on not losing the Next Generation.  It might be a natural leading, but in order to reach another people group, generation level or culture, some type of “commitment” has to be made, with all those participants deciding to do whatever is necessary to accomplish the task at hand.  For that reason, the specific topic of being and remaining “Committed” rang my own personal bell of review before the Lord in a profound manner.  A dictionary definition of the word “committed” follows as such:

Committed (as an Adjective) | a Feeling of Dedication and Loyalty to a Cause, Activity, Job; Wholeheartedly Dedicated

Other words had come to mind, including: dedication, witness, testimony, daily walk, promise and keeping a promise.  That is when the cogs started turning inside my head so to speak, which caused me to discover something that I’d not considered in such a manner before – most of the commitments made to God the Father in the Bible are not written there to show forth how Faithful His people had been, rather it is a humbling consideration in humiliation. The most time spent in the Word of God was the digging, the more aware I became of our need to return to Personal Worship and Commitment to the Lord – we are missing the opportunities we’ve been given by the droves.

Opportunities Missed

In the world we live in today, it is ever more difficult to discern which way the Christian is being influenced by the world system, but somewhere we have as a whole have missed the boat completely.  Many people will invite in the “worldly” culture and “honesty” system to a point where it becomes nearly impossible to differentiate which side a person is providing the viewing direction.  Because we as Christian’s have not maintained a cultural level of difference, we have melded into fray, where even we cannot tell the difference.  Any opportunity to be a witness and influence for the cause of Christ has been diluted, or downright mired by we ourselves looking, feeling, talking, smelling, acting just like world which Satan has dominion.

The study for this Series is SIGNIFICANTLY larger than this Series shows, but I did want to show that out of 170 verses with just the word “commit/committed”, had a DIRE warning in it for our time – the topic of most choice chastening:

Adultery, Fornication, Idolatry, Sacrilege, Lust, Lewdness, Whoredom, Iniquity, Wickedness…

126 verses of the 170 were strewn with such things that are rampant in today’s culture and lifestyle choices, even those in our churches – with a great number of them falling onto those in positions of authority and influence.


Of all those verses, ten (10) of them presented a means for the Christian to put anchor, such that we can turn the tide, provide a desperately needed witness to the Next Generation.  We MUST Stand Firm Till The End!


Simply AMAZING that in 185 uses of the word commit/committed, that ten (10) of those times are used in this Series as something we each can do as our part to move forward in our Christian Walk.  We will have to be the commitment takers in the world that we live in for now…

How To Make The Commitments Work

Marvellous & Exalted | Bought, Therefore Glorify | Glorify, Obey & Keep
Sound Words Keep In Us | Covenant & Mercy | Willingly & Without Charge
Nevertheless Persuaded | Spirit Redeemed Truth | Way, Trust and Pass | Thoughts Established

In one manner, this Series could viewed as coming across negatively or have a tone of defeat, but it is not meant to at all – but if it is convicting, take that up with the Holy Spirit!  We think we have advanced so far in this world that we live in that we’ve forgotten that the problems that we face as humans is the same now as it was thousands of years ago – we have a pride issue and a sin problem.  Just as there is Hope in Christ our Saviour, there is also Hope in God’s Word, for we have ten passages in this Series to show us just that.  We can Exalt Him, Glorify Him, Obey Him, Commit to Him, Confess to Him, Willingly Follow Him…  Those are just a few of the ways we can be Committed to Him – if you haven’t already today, begin this very moment and continue while you have breath in you!  Stand Firm Till The End!

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