Oh how many times as a child can be remembered be told that my older brother was being “put” in charge “while” Mom or Dad, sometimes both of them, as they went in two different directions to do something.  We were to “mind” what my brother said as if it were coming directly from them…  That lasted about two minutes -or- as long as it took for both of them to get out of view, whichever was the shortest length of time!

The idea, of course, was to keep in the front of our mind’s eye that there would be consequences for any our-of-line actions that we might take in the absence of the authority we knew we could NOT get by with if they had actually present.  Along with the “idea” came the knowledge of what would be “delivered” if my brother told on us!  Those moments is where it is believed (by myself and MANY others) that my ability to persuade – others may say coerce or bribe – was developed to relative precision for a whole host of creative views of things…

Considering This Charge

The first real introduction to this thought came in a memorial service, a Celebration of Life, for a co-worker’s spouse’s home-going.  The minister told us a few anecdotal things about the “Colonel” as most of us referred to this man affectionately. Then came the reference for this Series — I Kings 2:3 | KJV – with the challenge that we each needed to keep the family lifted up High before the Throne of Grace and Mercy, keeping them before God the Father.

His challenge was presented in such a manner we would realize that these days which are ahead would be tough and challenging to each and every family member.  As he explained the verse to us in the service, he further challenged us to especially remember the widow as she would be picking up the pieces of her loss as it has been SO unexpected and surreal.

QUESTION: What will we each do with this absolutely profound verse found in the Scripture, written for the Ages, in the Canon presented to the Children of Israel — and SO aptly for Christians of our time, as if time had stood still?  Each of these eight pieces depend upon the VERY first statement:

” keep the charge of the LORD thy God”

We have been entrusted with the Completed WORD of God – it IS the Instruction Book – containing HOW we can DO all the things I Kings 2:3 | KJV talks about.  Will we, just as the minister of the service for a dear friend’s spouse did, challenge ourselves daily to perform these tasks?  Better get to reading — it is after all, just ONE verse…  There are approximately 31,239 other verses that have that SAME kind of POWER – we just have to discover what God the Father is trying to teach us through each one of them!  The Holy Spirit is waiting on us to READ them and we MUST be willing to LISTEN.


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