You would have to know the man to appreciate and understand.  Some folks just have that magnetism which causes a person to be drawn toward them. Those that have Christ evident in their lives, cannot be missed, nor will they be ignored. A servant minded individual has a “zeal” for sharing the Redemption story as it has happened in their own lives, even if the “zip” is not quite what it used to be. “Far too many Christian casualties” are evident in our time because “they are not Battle Ready“, but not this man – he is “Battle Ready“. This man’s Grandmother, MaMaw, displayed and lived a four word statement in front of him, “Keep On, Keeping On…” that has been a battle cry of, in and throughout his life. Who is this man? One of the funniest, loving, caring, serious, story telling and godly men I know – Bro. Dann Patrick.

All of the quoted parts of this Encouragement Series is attributed to Bro. Dann < yes, that is with two (2) n’s. The passage of Scripture which the framework of this Series is built comes from II Timothy 2:1-7 | KJV, along with a couple of quotes and two hymns. Even as well as I could paint him, Bro. Dann is a mere human being, just as each of us are, but his ever desire is to Never Quit and Be An Overcomer in his daily life – for himself, his spouse, his children, grandchildren, family, friends – most of all his Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


So many people think that once they become a Christian, all the troubles in the world are just going to disappear, move away from us or vanish into thin air. Well, don’t want to appear to be insensitive or ugly in any manner, but that is NOT Scriptural. We can easily see that in the introduction of Paul’s letter to Timothy, he is telling him to “…be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” II Timothy 2:1b

Paul mentions hardship again in verse 3a, “Thou therefore endure hardness…” II Timothy 2:3a. We are in a Spiritual War which we are only privy to see once facet of, we have to Trust by Faith – as a soldier, an athlete and a husbandman (farmer). Paul challenges Timothy again in verse 7, “Consider what I say” II Timothy 2:7a. It was obviously not “easy” or a “cake walk” for Paul, which he was careful, in the fullness of the Spirit, telling Timothy to expect nothing less in his own journey.

Bro. Dann asked a VERY deep question in the final moments of this particular service:

“What have we hindered in the spirit of disappointment?”

As a Soldier, have you “lost your fight”? As an Athlete, have you “lost your fervency”? As a Farmer, have you “lost your faithfulness”? Keep Fighting… Keep Striving… “Mark ‘Quit’ out of the dictionary!”

There are twelve (12) challenges presented in this Series through Scripture, Quote and Song. Those challenges are declarations that need our decision – in order to “Win the Prize for Jesus Christ”!

Keeping On Declarations & Decisions

Strong In Grace | Teach Correctly | Goal Is Reached | Teach Others
Soldier In The Army | It’s A Battlefield | Battle Mindset | Athlete In The Race
Hitting The Mark | Grower Of The Land | Please The Lord | I Have Decided

What a messed up world we live in today! Just imagine what the Pilgrims must have thought way back at the first settlement in the New World. Whatever the “thing” is that is tripping you up, knocking you down or making it difficult for you to get back up, Keep On! What have we sacrificed to prepare ourselves to be “Keeping On”? Have we fasted, sacrificed our time, missed some sleep, bypassed making some money – in order to “be strong” for our Redeemer? “Be Always Ready.” “Be Battle Ready.” — I Have Decided (for me), No Turning Back!

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