Just when you think all else has gone wrong and you can do nothing about it, one might want to find a mirror – the reflection that is seen in that mirror may be just the one who is in opposition to God, not everything else that is going on around a person.  This Series takes head on fourteen (14) all too common places where even Christians can find themselves in despair, brokenness and scorn.  It doesn’t have to be that way, but when that is the case, having a point of reference and realizing that God’s Holy Word has His Answer to each of them can just the preservation that one needs to bow before Him, get all right with Him and again be restored to Him.  The first passage of Scripture in the Series provides a beginning point of reference:

(6) Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time: (7) Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
I Peter 5:6-7 | King James Version

Too many times, that is when we recognize that there is a problem – when we get to the end of our proverbial rope – He’s been there the ENTIRE time, not just when we have gotten ourselves into the current mess we find staring us in the face.  Sometimes we get weary in the waiting because we think that the problem, situation or challenge should be answered, solved or taken care of IMMEDIATELY…  That is NOT what our Creator God of Everything says…  It is another one of those misses that we can experience due to our instant expectation, gratification and satisfaction response requirement we place upon our view of Him, which is contrary to any biblical Promise.  His order is humble therefore, that He “may” Exalt in due time – we must cast our care “upon Him”, for He “careth” for you.

In Due Time

Each of the challenges and expectations stated in this Series with a direct answer from God’s Holy Word has a noted timeline, from the past, to the current, through the future – none of which is “RIGHT NOW” or is influenced by our making demands upon our Sovereign Creator.  His Timetable is not like ours, neither is His View of time.  One of the things we as Christians should note in looking at each reference given from Scripture is that they are all Promises and Answers that every Christian now has access to having for themselves.  It is as though we are given a waiting period, sort of like a cooling down period of time, then when the dust settles so to speak, the answer becomes clear and focused, uninfluenced by what we think we can do or are capable of doing.


Also worth noting, are the challenges we focus on are all “ME” focused, as in “I’m”, “I”, “Me”, “Myself” – which is NOT pouring out ourselves before a Holy God, but rather thinking of ourselves and being self-centered.  When we focus on ourselves instead of depending on God for our source of  Possibility, Strength, Love, Grace, Direction, Supply, Going, Forgiveness, Means, Knowing, Power, Wisdom, and Presence.  The Bible is His Promise to us that “He Careth for You” and me…


There are fourteen (14) total passages of Scripture, with thirteen (13) challenges with direct answers from God’s Word to those challenges. These challanges, which are contrary to what people may call excuses, because at the time to the person who says them, they are REAL and are INHIBITING them from experiencing all that our Creator God and Lord Jesus Christ would have for us.

Do You Think No One Cares?

Impossible | Exhausted | Nobody Loves Me | Can’t Go On | Don’t Know What To Do
Can’t Do It | Not Worth It | Can’t Forgive Myself | Can’t Make Ends Meet | Afraid
Can’t Handle This | Not Smart Enough | All Alone

As this Series came together, with a few rabbit trail runs, it became VERY real to me that this is a list in which we each as Christians can get caught up, anytime we lose focus and dependence on Him Alone.  They ALSO are VERY clearly that challenge of the worldly person who knows NOT the Love of Christ and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. These are dual purpose because they provide answers to challenges all mankind experiences in life, for they are Promises that God makes to us in His Word.  Which of these apply to me and you right now?  Do you know of a Christian who is struggling with one of these areas?  How about those that you spend time with, do they see the answer side of these challenges in your life? People, Christian and non-Christian alike, will be able to tell which side of the source you are located – the “challenge side” or living the Victory He Gives in His Word, “His Promises” to us. Join me in living the Victory on His Promises, first by Humbling ourselves, then Standing on His Promises!

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