Are you quite aware that as a Christian, that we have been bought with a “price most precious” individually?  Not as a thing, or property, but rather as a being, set free from enslavement, bondage and tyranny.  We have each, by trusting Jesus as our Saviour, been given the opportunity to be and do things that are MUCH larger than ourselves. Realizing this forever changes that fabric and landscape of our lives…

Begs The Questions

Each of the following questions can be answered by at least one of the prints of Scripture from God’s Word:

  • Who is the Lord to YOU?
  • What has Jesus done for YOU?
  • When have YOU known that it was Christ ALONE that made Him real?
  • Where has the Saviour shown up, making Himself known unto YOU or others?
  • How would YOU describe Him to another person who needs to know Him?

A full range of Scripture has been utilized to give a small glimpse into how Encouragement can be drawn from the Word of God. He is personal, so we should be personal in the application of His Word in us. Having the Bible is having the guide book for a life of Relationship, which we can have a fruitful, daily walk where the above five (5) questions can be answered humbly, honestly and consistently.


By doing so, we will have that True Love that The Father has for The Son, which is shown us-ward through Salvation – a gift more beautiful than we could every describe sufficiently.  Through these prints and presenting Scripture, we should be able to put a few of these thirty-five (35) reminders into our every day lives.


There are thirty-five (35) passages of Scripture utilized in this Series, fourteen (14) from the Old Testament and twenty-one (21) from the New Testament. Each of them share an item which provides a conclusion of what “Jesus Is.”

Conclusions Drawn

Jesus Is.

  • My Redeemer | Our Saviour | My Best Friend | True Love | Faithful
  • Perfect | Alive! | Calling | Undeniable | Soon Coming | Amazing
  • Beautiful | Merciful | Holding My Hand | Everything | Glorious
  • Holy | My Deliverer | The Word | Lord | Peace | Forgiveness
  • Miraculous | With Me | Our Healer | A Strong Tower | Forever Steadfast
  • The Blessing | True | The Reason | The Promise Fulfilled
  • Our Salvation | The Good Shepherd | Risen | God

While these would not exhaust all the ways we could describe Him or attribute lauding upon Him, it is a fine place to start and put them into practice!  Will you, along with me, commit to showing ourselves first, then others, what Jesus Is. to each of us in all the moments of our lives?  We have thirty-five (35) ready made reminders to get to work on making that commitment.  Where will you start?

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