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It is one thing for someone “to say they will be with you”, but an entirely different thing indeed when God says so. This Series is a set of discoveries and instructions which after much study, I believe will apply to the new Christian, as well as the more seasoned and mature Christians.  It does for me, like a perfectly placed puzzle.

When the going gets rough, more often than not, in my experience and watching what people do during these times, the worldly individual will hang on for a little while, but as the potholes and speed bumps in life get more severe, they bale.  In doing so, they leave those they once supported high and dry.  For sure when there is more risk involved, the cachet of “friends” and “acquaintances” will grow mighty slim.  As my Grandpa Turner used to say, “them sure are slim pickn’s you got there boy”.  No matter where we find ourselves, ever more God is with us in a way and manner that the unsaved world could only begin to imagine, by the way of the Holy Spirit.

Witnessing The Presence

Each of these verses (passages on final) of Scripture is not only an Instruction, but it is also a Promise – He will be with us.  When you know you are where the Lord wants you to be, but are unsure of what to do – STAY where you are.  If you know that you’ve gotten off on the wrong path – RETURN to your right place (Home Land) to be.  In this un-surety, when you get to where you are supposed to be, He will give you the Confidence by way of the Holy Spirit (He Will be in you).  As you follow Him, Be Strong and of Good Courage – He is in Control and Provides all substance for you and for me.

We may have told a friend this phrase, “I’ve got your back”, God says that same thing in the following manner, “Your Boundaries are Guarded”, as He will Protect us as we follow His Will for our lives.  While others may not see the path we have chosen and give any credence to it, “God will Honor You” for doing so.


We must remember that each of us have a calling on our lives to do, be, go, perform a duty for Him, “Your Commission is Holy”.  This next one is something I’ve got some experience, in this category of thought and action… Simply “Listen and Do What is Asked of You”.  God will put in places where one has to push well beyond themselves, so we have no choice but to lean, trust, believe Him for the Enablement.

While the impossible becomes reality, we also need to remember that the “Provision of Protection is Yours.”  We will be enabled to do all that will be asked of us to do, go to…  We need to “Keep That Which is Committed” to Him.  Keep the Faith. Grace be with thee.  Just as it was in the Bible with Timothy!  Every Promise in the Book is True, for me and for you.


Each of these Series prints builds into a pathway of Encouragement and Direction from God’s Word.  They also stand individually in a single sense as a Promise and Direction.

He Is With US

Stay Where You Are
Return To Your Home Land
Confidence Will Be In You
Be strong and of a good courage
Your Boundaries Are Guarded
God Will Honor You
Your Commission is Holy
Listen and Do What Is Asked Of You
Provision of Protection is Yours
Keep That Which is Committed

Each of us have had a time or two that we didn’t know quite what to do given this or that circumstance.  As any individual that has been a Christian any length of time will tell you, where there is a smooth spot, not all may be as it seems. Job didn’t know what in Creation was befalling him and needed to have the reassurance that God was still on His Throne – we are no different.  We may not understand why things get veered here and there, a pothole comes out of what appears to be no-where and the most dreaded of them all – the perfect storm being brewed under COMPLETE stillness, quiet and calm.  Consider the pieces of this Series to see which of them have application to where you are right now – you may find, as I have, each one of them filled a place where the Word was needed – remember, these pieces are God’s Word – just placed in an order to remind, Encourage and challenge.

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