Who in the world would NOT enjoy a Wedding?!  Have to be honest with you, there is something just absolutely magical, for the lack of a better word, about two people who know the Lord and are ready to make the second most important decision in their lives.  Now of course you’d have to know me to understand why that is special to me – it is the BOUQUET, the FLOWERS, the RIBBON, the DECORATIONS — they are EVERYWHERE and they DO NOT MOVE…  Okay, so maybe there is an attraction here that has very little to do with the marriage ceremony – you caught me…

Yes – I am married. Yes – we’ve been to a “few” weddings.  AND, Yes – we’ve had the honor to spend time with some special arrangements for a number of friends, family members and outright complete strangers.  It is something that is enjoyed for certain – Melissa is the people person, I’m the floral person…  This Series is VERY special, while it is small and quite petite, the heart of it is as BIG as ever!  It has been designed from the heart for the newest addition to the Holmes family (Melissa’s side): Mr. & Mrs. Timmy Holmes!

A Dream Come True

From the very start of our knowing of this relationship, it has been special and directly from the heart.  A match made with a Prince of a Gentleman and a Sweetheart of a lady who was in a manner picking up a few pieces of her life, who claimed the verse this Series is based upon, Ephesians 5:20 | KJV:

“Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ”
Ephesians 5:20 | King James Version

Jamey Llewellyn Holmes is that special, loving, kind, sweetheart who now has a little something new in her life – us as an extended Family.  While some of those old things will no doubt pop up here and there, she has recognized that through those things she also must needs give thanks for they are how she has arrived to this point in her life.  For all those who will happen upon this site and only wonder how she got here, know this — she knows the King of Kings, Lord of Lords personally and He has never failed her — that’s how!

From Two Roses

Melissa and Courtney were Honorary Brides Maids for the December 8th wedding, of the which each one of them received gorgeous large faint white & yellow roses. Those two roses were the focus of this set of prints against a black backdrop taken outside as to use natural sunlight for the “system” of light.

Stemming from those two flowers and utilizing the passage of Scripture from Ephesians 5:20-33 | KJV, ten gorgeous prints were developed to capture the very essence of the wedding itself.  A combination of silver toned black & white photos, as well as soft color presentations, make ready the reminder of their vows to each other, as well as, the sentiment of the ceremony itself.  May each of us be reminded, whether we are married, engaged to be or at any stage of being so that God MUST be kept first and that we are the Bride of Christ if we have chosen Him as our Saviour.

The Scriptures remind us of how we are to care for each other, which was so heartwarming to see and touching to be a part of this Special Day for two very Special People, as they took on that responsibility for and with each other.


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