Am reminded over and over again that what one person is experiencing cannot be used as a yardstick, so to speak, to compare to what another person is going through – emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, physically – or what is most likely the case – all of them.  Oftentimes people are just trying to be kind and understanding in their own manner when they say “compared to what you suffer, I should not be saying anything at all” or something close to that, not realizing that just might be making that person feel a bit embarrassed for even saying anything to begin with.  Then of course there are the times when we discover, quite to our shock, when a person is in dire straights before we may recognize there is any difficulty being experienced in the first place.

There usually seems to be two extremes in this area of difficulty recognition, one where EVERY ONE knows about the difficulties, or where NO ONE knows of the challenges faced by the individual in living, daily, hourly and even moment-by-moment.  Those kinds of difficulties can lead to despair, depression and even despondency in a person given their situation and place in life.  We as Christians are NOT immune to these challenges in life, but we do have something the world doesn’t have – we have God’s Promise to help us.  He made the promise to Save us, if we would only Believe and Trust on His Son for Salvation.  He also made the Promise to never leave nor forsake us, once we are His.  But, did you realize that even through our pain and suffering, He has Promises made to us too?

Do you see His promise?

Everything is dependent on Who makes that Promise to us as Christians – the very Creator God of Ever’thing is Who we have making that claim. The question that arises is this: What Are You Experiencing? Take a look at the verse which is on the very first print:

In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that Holy Spirit of Promise which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the Praise of His Glory.
Ephesians 1:13-14| King James Version

For those who Believe that Jesus Christ is the Lord and have accepted God’s Son as Saviour, seeing His Promise is a matter of Trust.  Of course, reading about those matters in the Bible SURE does go a LONG way toward being able to be at Peace with whatever comes our direction.  What is stated in Ephesians previously is that we can Trust Him for Salvation, His Glory will show through in our lives by way of what we are experiencing.


This Series actually is a formula of sorts which expands on what His Promises are to us – the secret is in the “reading” and “taking to heart” those things which are Promised to us as His Children.


There are seven (7) passages of Scripture presented in this Series which describe what specific Promises that God the Father gives us individually and collectively, especially important when the world is trying to tell us that having challenges in our lives must be coming from our lack of Faith.

The Specific promises

Cast Your Cares | Bears Your Burdens | Love and Consistent Faith
Calls Out Those of Little Faith | Comfort Others Hurting
Understanding Our Pain | Interceding For Us

For my very own situation and those that are known of those who are close to me, God’s Word is a comfort, reminder and Encouragement. Sometimes I do wonder how people go through their daily lives with such seeming struggle, but yet appear each time to come out on top the victor and praising the Creator’s name. I want that person who shows such courage, love and vitality to be ME – it can be and is when the Person of Jesus Christ is High and Lifted UP in my life, instead of focusing on any individual trial or tribulation. Leaning on the Promises of my Saviour is what causes me to keep going!  What is it Christian that keeps you moving? And sharing? And telling? And rejoicing? Are these SPECIFIC Promises ones you claim as your own? If not, why not? Ask Him from His Word – He Promises to Listen to you and Help you.

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