So many people call themselves New Testament Christians, which has always puzzled me a bit – or should it be said, a little more than What? Do YOU consider yourself a “New Testament” Christian?  There are some 50 plus passages of Scripture utilized in this Series, which is a whopper, that are SOLIDLY referenced from the Old Testament. One thousand, seventy (1,070)  verses later, only 9 passages were from the NT. Once reading through these, provided me with a RICH heritage foundation in which to pattern my way of thinking and heart’s cry.  At any moment, just in an instant, we can have our Faith shaken a bit – this Series shows us from God’ Holy Word what to do “In These Moments”.

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This Series is as much for me as they would be for anyone, especially for the past few days when it seems the world has been flipping upside down, then rolling over on the side and back over upright again.  In the moment, any moment of our lives really, we have choices to make… The logo for this Series helps illustrate that concept.  Looking at the “In These Moments” and the bottom of it, one will find a sentence builder, as in the following: We “Praise” God, We “Seek” God, We “Worship” God, etc.  For each “moment” we face, there are choices to make, these five would be a place to hone in on for certain in our individual Christian lives.

The reason the New Testament “designation” being mentioned before is because of some interesting responses to some challenging bits from folks, with one person using that line in a conversation with me.  My response to them was that we cannot discount the Old Testament for not only does it have historical facts, but foretold so much of what would happen in the New Testament – not just concerning about being under the law.  This Series was the “proof” that was needed in my own mind to “find” such a trove of incredible direction from a section of the Bible in which I love to study personally.


The opening print is indeed from the New Testament.  It is a Promise that must be recalled to my mind as there have been some tough words to hear and be exchanged, where there was no control of mine to prevent them from being said or told. No matter how much it is even tried to “correct” the incorrect, or share the “rest” of the story, those words have fallen on deaf ears – ones that did not want to hear or just simply will not even consider them.  I will choose to take the High Road, even when it hurts unspeakably.  In These Moments, I will have to Trust God…


This Series is built upon five (5) thoughts, which actually branched out into 56 items.  Each of the five Moments have ten (10) individual passages of Scripture and focal points.

Moments Listing

Happy Moments –> Praise God
Difficult Moments –> Seek God
Quiet Moments –> Worship God
Painful Moments –> Trust God
Every Moment –> Thank God

There are a LOT of these – but so are there things in our lives which happen on a daily basis!  This Series is a reminder that God’s Word holds the keys He intended us to use as we go through each and every day.  We can be certain that with each Moment we experience as Christians, the Holy Spirit will be right there to remind us at each of those Moments, how much our Heavenly Father loved us by being willing to give His Son so we could have these moments to depend on Him!

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