With this Series, developed from a combination of studies, it is amazing to see how the Lord put these together in a package that would cover so much.  As is often said of me, it is NOT my words that one needs to hear, but rather the One’s Word that should be shared such that the heart will listen. There is NO better way or manner which a simple man can present a Spiritual answer than to hear from the Holy Spirit inside as responding to hearing, seeing or reading God’s Word.

There are seventeen (17) individual Emergency cases presented in this Series, from being Upset, being Lonely, having a Lack of Faith, to Struggling With Loss – all of which have an EMERGENCY number associated with them as if they were contained in a Bible “Yellow Pages” type of directory.  Notice that the prints are created in Red, Gold and White – with Red being the dominate color.  Why?  Simple, because all of the answers, examples and helps are all made possible to us today because of the shed Blood of the Risen Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Noticing The Rose

Many people will not guess my favorite flower correctly.  There are several reasons for that – for the Series developed has a well balanced presentation of color, type and location.  The rose pictured is actually what most would call a “regular” rose, verses a “knock out” rose (or tea rose), not the flower name the Lord Jesus Christ was compared.  There is some debate as to whether the name referred to a Crocus or Hibiscus Tree, but the name is “Rose of Sharon” – which is NOT red, neither is it a “rose” in the basic sense.


Does that remind us of how different Christ is amongst all the claiming and proclaiming crowd of today?  The main base color for this Series is deep red.  Not only is He the One that stands above them all, it is because of His Shed Blood we have the opportunity to “read His Word“, “have a Relationship with Him” and have open access to the Throne of Grace.


Keep in mind there are two “list Scriptures” to review – seventeen (17) short versions and seventeen (17) fully fleshed out portions of Scripture.


Upset | Weak | Lonely | Sinned
Worried | Anxious | Unhappy | In Danger
Depressed | Lack of Faith | Need Courage | Need Direction
Seeking Peace | Leaving on a Trip | Struggling With Loss
Struggling Financially | Discouraged With Work

Can others see in you, the way life comes at you, a presence of the Calm, Holy Spirit anchored inside?  Will we be humble enough to keep our opinions, lofty ideas and vengeful ways out of the presentation, that is a personal decision made by each and every person individually.  Does it seem that every time you turn around something else is going wrong, not according to plan or maybe not any at all? Ever wish you had just a few Scriptures from God’s Word to answer a few of those fears, not knowing and anxiety?  This Series is a “short list”, which is showing promise already of growing into a multi-unit Series.  Now each of us has a resource by way of seventeen (17) items that can challenge us daily on multiple fronts.  Who is struggling today with something they just don’t understand, but you have NO idea where to point them to in God’s Word?  Now is the time to give that someone the EMERGENCY List to Find These NUMBERS, allowing each of them to have compassion, peace, understanding and love, where it might not have been if you decided not to share…