This Series has been nine (9) months in the making for several reasons – (1) it is an odd size, which presents a challenge on how to print them and (2) wanted to consider again how we can have the same response that Moses did for ourselves, our families, our church. An interesting quote grab from Matthew Henry set in motion the purposed delay, it follows:

Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible

“Note, God’s special presence with us in this wilderness, by his Spirit and grace, to direct, defend, and comfort us, is the surest pledge of his special love to us and will redound to his glory as well as our benefit.” (speaking/writing on Exodus 33:16 | King James Version)

We can purpose in our hearts in our daily walk with the LORD to only GO where He Leads, instead of going wherever we want and then think we can “justify” it by asking the LORD to come to where each of us are already.  The statement made by our Pastor (Sermon from October 24, 2012, entitled “A Meeting With The LORD”) is this:

Statement Which Is Basis For This Series

“I’m Not Going To Go If You Don’t Go With Me”

Moses wanted to see God’s Glory in Exodus 33:20 “I beseech Thee, show me Thy Glory” to the point he was willing to do all the things Commanded of Him.  Moses was persistent in his asking how it would be known that His people had “found grace” in the Sight of the Sustaining God.  He further entreats the LORD as he promises to make all his “goodness pass before” Him, that he would “proclaim the name of the LORD” before Him, being also Gracious and showing Mercy to all those who should be.

His persistence was rewarded on the LORD’s terms – Moses would be allowed to “see” God’s Glory from behind, as “shall no man see Me, and live” was told him.  The LORD indicated a place where Moses would be protected, giving him instruction of where to stand, the expectation of when it would take place and what he would be allowed to see.

Instructions For Each of Us Today

Would we be so bold as to ask God the Father to show us His Glory? Are we willing to seek Him where we would ask to look upon His Splendor and Magnificence? Will we be willing to seek out His Divine Presence, such that we might be an Honor to Him and make Known His Gracious Provision for all that will “Follow” Him?

We can have that Reassurance and be given Encouragement, by sincerely seeking the LORD’s direction in each area of our lives, not wanting to go anywhere without our Heavenly Father.  Moses point blank asked the One and True God of Creation to show him the Way.  By our prayer, we can be quickened, to be ready to go wherever the LORD leads, all the while refusing to go to or thru those places where He says not to go.

While we do not have the “pillar of smoke” or “cloud” as Moses did in his day, we do have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit to guide us.  Knowing what the LORD has done, as in our reading of the Holy Scriptures, will help us to better know what can be asked for, which also gives us the foundation of where to start.

Are we humbled, dedicated and seeking in a manner that we can, along with Moses of old, ask to see God’s Glory?  Will we keep approaching the Throne Room of Heaven until we get an answer as to what we should each do, go, say, consume, refrain from, look upon, touch and run away from?  We can, Moses did – and He GOT what he ASKED of the LORD!

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