This Series has brand new photography included which has been possible because of being able to “map” out the headache cycle which is on a fairly consistent three day round as it has been for several months now.  So, in order to be able to be stable enough to shoot effectively, the best days are planned on the upswing when my eyes focus the best and where I’m the most steady.  The stabilizer (only can use freehand) in the lens and a strong monopod help with the shakes. That thought follows a realization shown in the VERY first print of this Series

God Says: If You Love Me – CONTINUE

Yes, sometimes it is difficult, more so at times than others, but there is one thing I know for CERTAIN – Jesus said the words in John 15:9 which are JUST as sure today as the day He first spoke them:

As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.
John 15:9 | King James Version

How Does That Apply To Me?

The question has been asked… What does that have to do with anything?  Actually, it IS everything.  We will do things for others, even when we don’t want to, do not feel like it, or even see no point in doing so – simply because we LOVE them. That very thought is what started this Series which no doubt has had more than one person scratching their heads…

Many Christians, even NON-Christians, immediately think of the Lord talking to Simon Peter in John 21:15 through verse 25 which is where we get the Feed My Sheep/Lambs and Follow Me from in the Scriptures and general speaking.  Often because the story is so recognized we can forget that there may be other places it occurs with a different application – this is one of those such occurrences.


This Series pulls a theme from six Old Testament passages and seven New Testament ones, from Psalms to Titus.  At first the wording may strike you a bit odd, but the challenge will remain to find out why it Spoke to me – of course the Word will have to Speak to you too…  The Old Testament passages were more difficult to see, but with context work and asking the Lord to help me understand – the understanding came much more easily.


These baker’s dozen (13) confirming responses derived from both Old Testament and New Testament verses of Scripture were NO WHERE near what was first expected.  It is my hope and hearts desire that you too will see what God the Father is saying through the passages shown.

Our Confirming Response

  1. Continue
  2. He Will Deliver
  3. He is Merciful
  4. Seek and Find
  5. Be in the Midst
  6. Be at the House
  7. Be Thee Drawn
  8. Commandments
  9. Keepeth Them
  10. Strive With Me
  11. in Christ Jesus
  12. Be At That Day
  13. Greet in Grace

The more they are looked at, pondered and re-read, the more moving they become – we can as Christians walk with Him, converse with Him and know what He wants us to do.  The Holy Spirit within us enables that to take place, which the Saviour paid for each of us to have the opportunity of Eternity to do so – right NOW – we do not have to wait. Will we see these responses for what they are – our willingness to put down ourselves and pick up the righteousness of Jesus to follow our Heavenly Father’s Direction?

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