Each of us, no matter where in the world we find ourselves, have trials, situations, challenges and tipping points that occur on a daily basis.  Of those things, the “tipping points” may not be as clearly defined as the others, which may just be the most serious of them all because it is the one where the aftershocks cannot be clearly seen.  A tipping point is defined as the following:

“is a point in time when a group—or a large number of group members—rapidly and dramatically changes its behavior by widely adopting a previously rare practice”

Use, in this instance, is more clearly indicated as a sociology point – DO NOT TUNE ME OUT – this just might be why so many folks are missing this.  What people of Faith once would have shunned or “never” have done, Christians today are doing in reckless abandon – in part because they refuse to listen or consider their actions, how they will affect others and the detriment it will cause in their own lives because they have done so. How many times have you or I seen someone do something that we just knew would put them on the wrong track, then watch that action play out in utter destruction in their lives?  How many of them just “wrecked” their own lives, not affecting anyone else? If we will be honest, with ourselves and our Heavenly Father, not much that we see happen only affects just that person – it has the potential to tear down, rip apart, decimate and destroy untold lives with just “one person” making a decision to do it their own way.

How Many Would You Say…

Parents who blindly consider their children are safe with video games to keep them out of trouble – then purchase them violent, theft, life taking, fighting and killing oriented games which are increasingly lifelike and are matched only by Rated R, NC-17 movies in their terror, vulgarity and lawlessness. How many would say they have flipped a “tipping point” in their family, house, neighborhood, street… Gangs, robbery, lack of respect for the law and overrun jails, prisons and death row wards have their victims because of it.

Friends who want to have a good time – don’t we all want to have FUN – decide to take the coming of age individual out for a drink, am not talking about a soda pop here.  They proceed to live it up – this person they are celebrating has never been around alcohol or the consumption of it and has only the “made for TV” concept, not realizing that NOTHING like that really happens.  After having their “good time”, this person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle and  recalls nothing of what came next in the lives of a family he/she didn’t even know. How many would say this person AND those that aided in creating the situation had a “tipping point” in their lives in the hours, days and weeks following when that person kills with a vehicle – not recalling anything. I know – my Sister Rexanna was killed by a drunk driver, head on collision – it was his FIRST drinking time, she saw him coming, screamed for her family to get out of the truck – 100MPH+ collision – our family was changed forever.

Another definition, which has been made popular by a book of the same title, is the following:

“the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point”
Malcolm Gladwell, Author – The Tipping Point

Very few people realize that when a critical decision is made, which is just tossed off as minor, lives can hang in the balance of that decision. We could also see a major decision be a tipping point in a positive manner. A Mom or Dad making a decision for Christ, where the entire household Trust Christ, being born again because a parent bowed themselves down, possibly in desperation or humility, willing to let go of themselves in order to get a hold of the Holy Spirit. The keeper of the prison in Acts 16 is a clear demonstration of this type of tipping point in the life of a family.

The young Hebrew boys made such a decision – it changed the course of time and has provided us with a Christophany to gain understanding of our Heavenly Father’s ability to come to where we are and that nothing is too hard for Him.


How many of our decisions are made with such firm and resolute declaration? Actually, ALL of them should be made that way. We have to develop that Trust in Him.


These eight (8) passages direct us in who that “we serve”, how God promises to “deliver us”, letting us know who we should “not serve”, who to “not worship and how we can clearly set things before that state “be it known” the Master we are to Serve.

Be It Known

Our God We Serve | Glory in Thy Praise
For Glory of Thy Name | Forgive Us as We Forgive
In Whom We Trust | Free From Sin
Be It Known, Forgive | Worship God

This Series can be a little hard to swallow.  It was through much digging, researching and soul searching, with a SIGNIFICANT amount of prayer, that each point could be developed through completion.  There are decisions made at every place where we find ourselves. Some of those decisions appear to be simple, straightforward and level headed, while others have a complexity to them that we as humans have such little understanding of the ramifications that they will bring. One thing is for certain though, just as those three Hebrew boys knew, God is ABLE and can do ANYTHING He DECIDES to do. Each action that comes to pass is to Honor, Bless and provide Recognition of Him – we must live in such a manner that our lives do the exact same thing. Today have we considered that we are to serve, honor and praise Him – no matter what comes our way? Will we, even when we don’t get the answer we want from a dire situation, or even a lessor important one, decide to Serve Him as He makes us able? What impossibility in our lives, or in the lives of others, will we say “If it be so… But if not…” with full expectation the Lord God Almighty will be Worshiped as the Great I Am?

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