When revisiting this Series, it was not known that it would be the answer to a real and present struggle that is being lived out in my own life.  To my pleasant surprise and Encouragement it allowed me, in over 600 verses of Scripture throughout the Bible, to see that the difficulty being had is an age old one and is not uncommon amongst God’s people.  It is always good for each Series to have some application, but it makes it EVER more satisfying and worth the hours of work when it helps me in such a profound manner.

The Original Thought

This Series came about in my mind from one of my favorite traveling evangelist families with RoundUp Ministries, the Walker’s.  Ms. Loretta is about as down to earth as anyone can be and puts it right where it should be when talking about difficulties and challenges.  This one came from a Ladies Conference she was attending and her discussion on on “I Am NOT Compatible!” and her explanation that it is “Scriptural” To Be Different.  She explained that we should “respect each others opinions and have discretion” about expressing ours in response.  The particular verse that grabbed my attention is from Romans 12:18 | KJV which is depicted in the very first print in this Series.

That verse says:

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
Romans 12:18 | King James Version

There are plenty of things that we are challenged by in any given day just per the usual of us existing in the world, but we should have our minds made up and our hearts set to what is “Possible” with God.  There are going to be those who will hurt you and will continue to do so, even when we’ve done all we can to prevent it.  Those are things we cannot change – we could not change them even through every capability we “think” we have.  I have a few of those that are played out right in front of my face more frequently than is desired.

Oftentimes there may be a difference of opinion stated, or maybe even a direct conflict in what is being presented, because it simply “exists” can make the situation either sour or not so good.  As can be even more of a challenge is when an individual has limited exposure to this or that and there is a “bent” out of shape anvil event where more than a difference of opinion becomes real noticeable.  For me, those are very difficult to deal with – some of that is due to the line of work done over a career of working for those who are in disaster recovery mode. It can be VERY nerve racking dealing with folks who know they’ve lost both money and data due, most of the time, to carelessness of their own making.

We must find that place in our hearts and lives to determine that each of us, by the enabling of the Holy Spirit, will make each step that we take in our lives one’s that show forth the Love of the Saviour.  The nine (9) areas to follow are manners in which there are direct helps in the Bible that challenge us to allow God the Father to do the Possible according to His Word, not in our limited manner, but rather in His Power – lived out in each of us daily according to His Will, not ours.

If It Be Topic Areas

  • 01 | Peaceably
  • 02 | Different
  • 03 | Unconditionally
  • 04 | Better
  • 05 | Diligently
  • 06 | Things
  • 07 | Shall Be
  • 08 | Believeth
  • 09 | Mustard Seed

These nine (9) different Scripture presentations that are possible, only with God Power, will be life changers each time we make application of them to and in our own lives.


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