One of my all time favorite Preachers has to be Bro. Dann Patrick! His exuberance is infectious – in a good way for certain – and the passion of his heart shows through in the manner where he captivates the attention of those who are under the sound of his voice as he is God’s Messenger of the time he is preaching.  He peaked by sharing this poem at the very end of his sermon – almost missed it, but went back to the video to get it written down word for word, as best as could be.  It really does sum up how we can know that God can do everything He says that He will perform, make happen or prevent from happening – in His timing, schedule and availability.

I Believe That God Can

Working mostly backwards from the point of getting a more correct representation of the poem, the points throughout the sermon fit together like well designed puzzle pieces, each building to the Finale, “God Can”.  Because of what our Heavenly Father allows us to see happen in the Bible from times of old, those that are more recent and gives us the opportunity to see Him work in our lives, this poem will mean something to each of us as Born Again Believers…

Indeed this poem was written by a man by the name of Martin Luther and has a very befitting title: He Did, He Can, He Will.  What God Did in the past, God Can right now, and God Will be able to do so for all of Eternity.


It does seem that we can lose sight of that as Christians in the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, but we don’t have to allow it to creep into our lives if we will purpose in our hearts not to permit it a lodging place. Tough, for SURE! Impossible, not with the Word. We may need to be reminded, or maybe even discover how Powerful He really is, such that we might Trust that Power for today’s challenges in our lives.


The list for this Series contains an incredible array of items which each of us should consider, not only in those times when we tend to lean on our Heavenly Father the most, but in the good times as well such that we would be reminded of His provision for us always.

God Can

His Power is Just the Same Today!
Let’s Prove Our Mighty God Again!
He Can, He’s Just the Same Today!
Answers Our Prayers
Meets Needs
Helps Us Along Life’s Way
With His Grace, Power & Strength
Jonah 3 | Psalm 121 | Luke 19 | Psalm 78

God Can! It is my desire, along with Bro. Dann’s, to say without hesitation “I Believe With All of My Heart Today that God Can!”. A sure step in the right direction to making that evident in our lives is to find out what God Did in His Word.  Another, would be to find those Promises He made for us as we live now. Finally, we as Christians have the best Promise Book that has ever been written – for it tells us of the GREAT Victory from which we work from today – not to, Jesus already WON it. Let each one of us declare boldly, in truth and practice “God CAN!”

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