The first edition of the I Am. Series, was the VERY first Series developed for, done so, for a very special couple in our lives.  Distinctly remember the evening service that the “free” side-note was given to us as a challenge in the congregation to “write it down and study it out sometime” which was done from time-to-time when something that had been studied didn’t look like it fit, but it was shared anyway.  In no way would I have known just how powerful it would become and the lives that would be touched by scribbling the references down and studying it out later that week.  Seven passages that would fuel a passion for study and creativity, putting one creative outlet together with a learning one, has led to thousands of images being created with God’s Word printed on them – including this Second Edition for this Series, the I Am. Series.

Second Edition

This intriguing and powerful little Series started off as a single print in design, with multiple images to create a set of seven (7) prints, which were all identical.  For this round, something that had been desired to do some many years ago has finally been realized – each statement and passage being created on/for separate images/prints.  The first proof created is the one that is shown on this page – The Bread of Life – one, because it is first chronologically, and second, it was the one the image had already been chosen.  The resurrection lily used in the image was taken on the day this second edition Series was finally completed – we have thirty-eight (38) of them and they bloom every other year.  Since we have enough of them to carry over, we have a fair number of them pop up to bloom each year now.


Each passage and statement set, which makes up the seven individual prints, are now individual prints – but are numbered so one can tell which of the seven (7) is being gazed upon.  Considering the season we are in of our family ministry and our corporate worship, this indeed is an exciting time for this Second Edition to be released!  Indeed it is a blessing to know that no matter where we are, of course in the center of God’s Will should be at the apex of that “where”, that we have an AWESOME Lord, who we need to be reminded here and there of “Who” He is.  These seven + one prints do just that – Jesus said them and He is the “I Am.” of them.


The seven statements each begin with “I Am”, which are now incorporated in the design of the prints.  Consider each of them and the significance they carry for the Christian.

I Am. Statements

  • The Bread Of Life
  • The Light Of The World
  • The Door Of The Sheep
  • The Good Shepherd
  • The Resurrection, Life
  • The Way, Truth, Life
  • The True Vine

Amazing to consider, the First Edition of the “I Am. Series” in on display in homes in Raleigh, North Carolina, across the United States of America and in various countries around the world.  Just the thought of where this Second Edition will be displayed excites me – because it will start in our home, then being put up on social media, uploaded to our websites, shared with friends and family… those we influence, interact and impact for the cause of Christ.  Will we as Christians be willing to display Who Christ is to us through the very fabric of our lives?  Can someone tell by what is being displayed around you that this “I Am.” means more than the “world” to you?  What is hanging inside your heart will surely show through as evidence of your love and devotion – I seek to have mine be an evidence most precious, the I Am. working in me.

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