This Series has eight (8) sets within the overall set termed as How Great Thou Art.  They Hymn prints were developed first, which quickly led to the remaining twenty-eight (28) being developed, providing a total of thirty-three (33) images to complete the Series.

Groupings for Series

There are seven additional groupings available which complement the original Hymn prints developed based upon verse one.

My God | Six (6) images with Scripture telling how He can be our God as Christians
Wonders | Four (4) images with Scripture showing us His Wonder and Love for His Children
Consider | Five (5) images with Scripture challenging Christians to see how God provides for us
Thy Hands | One (1) image with Scripture providing a manner of appreciation for what He give us
Stars | Three (3) images with Scripture showing us the importance of His control of everything, including the stars
Thunder | Two (2) images with Scripture reminding us that just as there is water in great abundance, so is His presence
Power | Seven (7) images with Scripture that His power is limitless, all powerful and perfect in use of our lives

Each grouping is a set to itself based upon the word used from the verse of the hymn.

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