This INCREDIBLE Series began with a rather simple word: W•O•R•S•H•I•P. Seven letters that led to a discovery of more than just seven passages of Scripture, the eclipse of it is thirty-five (35) of them in all.  With that basic layout of a plan, immediately began honing in on what each part of the puzzle would reveal.  The seven (7) letters and phrases were simple and fundamental enough to build a framework around, but would/could it support something more, as to present a framework in which to truly build something that could be used as a tool and eventual Study.

As I searched, tweaking the criteria along the way, something hardly accidental was noticed as the first wave through the text was made…  Five (5) verses for each letter & phrase was found – that is ONE set of FIVE for EACH of the seven (7) matched up.  It took some time to put into context 647 verses of Scripture, but WELL worth the time. The first set of Series verses can stand alone on its own merit (one verse for each letter), for it is the Word of God, but the Extended Set really gets a better, no barrier to dialog was started.  The word “Worship” has seven letters, thus seven verses were matched to them, including:

(W)ait | (O)ffer | (R)est | (S)ing | (H)umble | (I)ntimacy | (P)leasing

“Worship” is often seen or depicted as the time when a congregation of Christian’s get together singing as unto the Lord. More and more these days, the event it called “Praise and Worship” time during the “Service”.  A few verses of Scripture that are often used to describe this time and the biblical backing of do so include the following:

All the earth shall worship thee, and shall sing unto thee; they shall sing to thy name. Selah.
Psalm 66:4 | King James Version

For the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: he is to be feared above all gods.
Psalm 96:4 | King James Version

I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart: and I will glorify thy name for evermore.
Psalm 86:12 | King James Version

I have nothing against “Praise and Worship” in a Service at Church, but I do think that if that is all the Worship that you do – you are doing so at the peril of missing the best of the Christian Life in Christ – which is lived every moment of our lives. We have the GLORIOUS opportunity to LIVE in Christ – in our Daily Worship!

Our Daily Worship

The thought of routine comes to mind when using the word “daily”, which can produce a rut or a thinly focused appetite for the Christian, making our “quiet time” with the Lord a ritual. Having a devotional guide book, like the “Baptist Bread” for instance, is a great sound bite being delivered from the pen of a person who carves out a nugget for us to benefit from – but that still is NOT what I am referring to in my daily Worship.  For each person it will be different, but as for me – Praise and Worship is an ongoing process that goes from getting up to going down.

My routine is anything but routine – on-line reading, Bible Commentaries, Christian Blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Christian Music on GodTube.com and YouTube.com, a vast library of electronic books, historical accounts on Bible events, Hymnal sites and NOTHING would be complete without the MOST important book I have – my Bible.  Now that Bible comes in a various formats – on my Android phone (I’ve got four loaded there), Android tablet (same four loaded as on phone), laptop (work and home), desktop (work and home), both my Scofield Bibles, Life Application Bible, Nelson and Thomas, etc. Hardly can I EVER say that I’m bored…

Now here is WHAT I am talking about – do you WORSHIP your Heavenly Father in what you do on a daily basis? When we petition Him for anything, that is an act of Worship, Submission, Humility and Trust?  Will you and I both WAIT upon Him to Answer us?  How good are we at following instructions?  When we do, it Pleases Him.  How about us presenting ourselves for His use, even when it is NOT popular or favored by others?  By doing so, we are offering our lives as a Living Sacrifice for His Use.

Do you sing?  Who hears you? Do we “know” Him like we should?  By spending time in God’s Word each of us will get to know Him better.  As our prayer time advances from more simple child-like prayers, they can develop feet to them – where we are allowed to see how our taking the time to sow the seed made the difference in the Eternal Destination they can choose to accept. Do we want others to have a personal, “intimate” relationship with the Saviour? If we don’t have the desire for others to be close to Him, then we have a problem – a REALLY big one: that we are NOT intimate with Him.


How are we to be about “Pleasing Him” in our daily lives? A part of that answer is presented in this Series, but looking into God’s Word to find that answer – not in man’s idea of pleasing oneself. As a new “Christian” – a born-again, redeemed, saved, forever secure Child of God – each of these things will most likely be VERY new.  To the more mature “Christian” – the Believer who has seen mercy, forgiveness, humbling, grace – each of these things will stir up in you a recall of events gone by. How many of them do we find ourselves doing regularly?


This Series began from a piece of artwork that simply stated what WORSHIP is to be, quickly becoming a direction to be heading which we can use as a Spiritual checkup.  There are seven (7) “are to’s” in this Series, as follows:

Our W•O•R•S•H•I•P

Wait Upon The Lord
Offer Our Lives As A Living Sacrifice
Rest In His Presence
Sing Unto Him
Humble Ourselves Before Him
Intimacy With God
Pleasing Him

The VERY first Worship item in this Series is “Wait Upon The Lord”, possibly the most difficult thing for me to do personally. Each of them have an element of difficulty associated with them, as each challenge us to do more for our Lord than what we may be doing currently.  Another one that is a challenge for me is “Rest In His Presence”, for I want to DO, GO, BE, ACCOMPLISH… right now!  The notion of “standing still” is like asking a bug in hot ashes to stop moving – but I’ve found a way to do just that when Thanking Him roles off of my heart, onto my lips and reflection takes place as to how Good He has been to me.  Will you consider examining the way you Worship the One and True God of All Creation? Truly, have we considered our entire realm of Worshiping, not just the allotted time taken on Sunday’s to do so? Or might we have desire to say that Worship is “An Action That Does Not Just Take Place On Sunday!” for each of us?

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