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This Series is being dedicated to the person who gave me the idea and starting material for it – but up until they see it, will have NO clue that it has been so…  The Missionary and her family is in Honduras (Hope of Honduras).  We were surprised by a “seemingly” out of the blue, as the saying goes (but I don’t believe in out of the blue events – they are Divine Appointments) letting me know that we had been prayed for that beginning evening.  At that very point – I NEEDED those words, they were reassuring, a delivery most Encouraging. In what manner that the Holy Spirit has prompted me to complete this Series ahead of the hundreds that came before it, it is my DESIRE to listen and DO as unto the Lord – because it is by Him that we get the privilege to do so with honor.

The photograph that Ms. Amy took to place with her Facebook post included these words written by her hand:

“God’s Word is full of Hope, Help and Possibilities.” Amy Coats, Missionary to El Progreso, Honduras

Interestingly enough, they were written right above several underline verses in her Bible:

“Grace be to you and peace from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”
II Corinthians 1:2-4 | King James Version

That start to a written message in her post can do more than just get some views and gain some comments, it can cause each Christian to see three INCREDIBLE words… with which we could change the world.

The Three Words

Hope. Help. Possibilities. God’s Word is indeed filled with all three!  This Series intermingles within nine additional passages, those three words intertwined within each other, like the weaving of a basket.  Of all the things Ms. Amy spoke of, the most heartbreaking for me is the separation people are seemingly so eagerly making from each other, destroying family and personal ties where bonds should be the strongest.  One of the reasons that is one of my saddest items is because of the destruction of the family unit – not only does it affect the here and now, it will have a VERY adverse affect on the family for many years to come – many of which NEVER recover.

We have the God of All Creation who can provide stability stronger than any mountain we could ever climb. What we may be forgetting though is this, we have within us as stabilizer often not used because we lack the understanding that He is there for that purpose – we can comfort others, by the same degree we are comforted by God Himself.  That does not mean we take everything on ourselves, on the contrary, we should bathe everything in prayer, seek His guidance and so He can use us to be that stabilizer in another persons storm in ways we may not understand this side of Eternity.

8x10 Landscape

We as Christians have the Mighty Hand of God on our lives!  It is a picture of what I see in Ms. Amy with the continued holding, supporting and loving on little Oscar throughout my writing of this Series introduction.  She is providing Oscar with Hope, she is Helping Oscar even when he doesn’t know how to help himself and she trusts in a future because of wonderful Possibilities that her Saviour has already provided.  Incredible – most definitely.


The first item, number one (1), on the list is the Series introduction, then there are three (3) sets of three (3) for each word: hope, help and possibilities.

Encouraging Discoveries

Hope, Help and Possibilities
Blessed Hope
Lively Hope
Hope In You
Helps Us Pray
Help in Time of Need
My Helper is the Lord
Nothing is Impossible
Impossible For God To Lie
Possible With Faith

This Series means very much to me as it follows suit with how I personally want to Encourage others.  The Lord has given me a desire to be in His Word and share with others in a variety of ways and manners.  In doing so, there has much been learned about people, expectations, habits, and other behaviors.  Wonder what God the Father sees of us when He imparts to us His Wisdom, then we choose not to use it?  We are not all going to be called to a foreign mission field, but we have one – right in front of us, everywhere we go.  Please do not horde or try to keep Jesus to ourselves – there is more than enough for everyone who will to get dedicated access to Him!

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