A Series like this is an amazing thing for me – one where I get to enjoy a really good, deep study and for the Holy Spirit to stir within me a creative idea which God the Father places a new opportunity to share His Word with others in a different avenue.  First want to share this Series with you from a “Quote” perspective.  The exact same Quote set is being presented several different ways and then is being incorporated into the enveloping process of a Series.

It began by seeing a “like” on Social Media for a Website that specialized in Wall Quotes and a simple “wish” of having one of them.  In digging around, the exact same quote was listed on several different sites in like fashion – and of course so were the price “selections”! Yikes! The three words seemed innocent enough and there were no formal explanations given anywhere that was come across in the search.  Something surprised me though, there were no definitions or biblical backing for any of them either. Was there supposed to be something inferred or understood, or could this be to presented to begin a conversation?

Where Did You Find That?

Followed soon by, “I’d like to have one of them too!”  My reply at the identical time was “What size would you like that in?” Had to take a few second backup to ponder what had just happened. A conversation had just begun – and ALL three of the participants were Christian’s!  Could barely stand to be “beside” myself – even at a GREAT distance apart, three people KNEW Who Gave them their Home, Who we HONOR with our Family and Who we RECEIVE Blessings from – our Heavenly Father.

Just look – HOME, FAMILY & BLESSING – they build upon one another in the sense of achieving (or receiving technically), indeed it is a Blessing to have a Home and Family.  It may sound trivial to some, but when we consider what we deserve verses what we actually have, most Christians are VERY BLESSED people.  But, we also must correctly see what has been the largest moral breakdown of the family in my lifetime in my opinion – the absolute DESTRUCTION of the Family and the very FABRIC of the Home is being stained by our inability to slow down the onslaught at every corner of impurity, immorality, and sheer violence.


It is my desire to have the section heading question asked of me and in my house because it is my desire to point those who would ask to the One Who can change Eternity for them because He PAID for IT – the Lovely Lord Jesus Christ!  In reading through the rest of the site for this Series, One will find six (6) different sets within a set of images which share verses of Scripture from God’s Holy Word. It is my desire that this set will challenge you as much as it has me to start something, like starting a conversation with another person where there is freedom to discuss Spiritual matters that are of Eternal length!


The following listed items are really all that it took for this Series to be born into existence: HOME | FAMILY | BLESSING.  Following those are the five (5) phrases that are realized in the verses presented in support as the following words: Truth, Walk, Declare, Speak and Shield.

The Quote Set & Having An Understanding

Having a place to go is a | HOME
Having someone to love is a | FAMILY
Having both is a | BLESSING

Make Known Thy Truth
Walk As He Walked
Declare Them To Others
My Tongue Shall Speak
As With A Shield

Having the Creator God as Our Heavenly Father is one of the most fascinating Truths for the Christian that can be known this side of Eternity. Knowing that our name, our VERY name is written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life, which Satan CANNOT blot out even if he wanted to, is a Promise of the Ages.  Sharing our Testimony with another individual and telling them about our very own Damascus Road Experience (Salvation) is something that is so Intimate that there are only a few select people who know it – YOU, YOUR Saviour Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and God The Father – before it is shared by YOU.  What will it take to get you to talk about how good God has been to you?  Maybe you need a conversation starter – something to talk about.  It is my hope that this Series will help aid that for those who come across it – it is my conversation starter to you…

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