It May Have Started In German...

But We Have the Opportunity in Our Own Language to See How Our Footsteps are Ordered, What Wisdom Chooses, Where Blessings Can be Ours & Who Directs Them By Grace!



This is one of those Series where the interest for me is VERY time consuming and profitable.  My Dad’s side of the family background is German and has a rich history in the Moravian faith/religion so to speak, so this opportunity to research a German who knew how to get in touch with the LORD was a welcome one!  A man who definitely loved the Lord and did something that many, if not most, musicians of today cannot even do — he wrote metered music, when there wasn’t a meter to use!!!

Commit Whatever Grieves Thee


Directing Paths

Paul Gerhardt was a very unassuming man, who even in death was not famous during his day by any means, but his basis for his writing of hymns and poetry was the Word of God.  We today must keep in mind that we have the King James Version Bible in our possession, where it was just being printed in his day – where we have the proliferation of many translations and editions in our day, which are readily available to the vast majority of people who are reading this.


One of the most important things that can be said about the man is that he knew the Old Testament was THE foretelling of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, he understood who the person of Christ was for each of us and that his writing and music were based upon Scripture.  Just as his paths were being directed, we should realize likewise so are ours – it is the reason that Scripture has been used in this Series BEFORE his published work is shared…  Here is this first verse of the piece (Commit Whatever Grieves Thee) used in this Series:


Four Verses

There are four distinct verses to this poem/hymn, each of which a verse of Scripture has been applied:

  1. Direct your footsteps | Direct thy paths… Proverbs 3:6 | KJV
  2. According to His counsel | Walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly… Psalm 1:1 | KJV
  3. His hand is never shortened | The LORD’s hand is not shortened… Isaiah 59:1 | KJV
  4. By the Grace He Sends | That it might be by Grace… Romans 4:16 | KJV

What Will Others Say?

When our lives are over and done with, what will others have to say about us?  Will our lives have pointed to the One who makes the only Eternal difference in our lives, or possibly something shorter than Him?  Gerhardt has over 400 years worth of his life pointing to the Saviour and still has over 90 hymns in different hymnals that are still being sung today!  His legacy was not understood at the time that he passed from time into Eternity, but we can clearly see Who his attention was focused upon by taking a look at Who he spent his time.


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