XSi31833_IICorinthians12-9_8x10L_v1_11-CLR-Thumbnail.jpgThis has to be one of the most exciting Series developments created in a number of months, but it will most likely be a totally different reason than most would think.  These images are bright, visually appealing and are harmoniously coordinated.  So what is SO different? Quite simply looks!

We live in a time and place where such things as looks being “the appearance” and has to be just so, so, well — just so…  What we use to call “just perfect…” is now expected to be without blemish.  One of the things folks are going to notice about the photos in this Series is that they don’t follow my normal presentation.  Most of them a significant flawed.  What a relief!!!  I’m not perfect and it comes with absolute surety that anyone and everyone reading this isn’t either…

For wherever we find ourselves, God the Father has given us an entire Book of all Books, His Word which shows how the Power of Jesus Christ may rest upon each of us as it did for Paul shown through the Series verse of Scripture II Corinthians 12:9 | KJV:

And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
II Corinthians 12:9 | King James Version

The Apostle Paul had to realize that “His Grace is Sufficient” because when he was himself at the weakest, the Lord Jesus’ would be made Perfect.  He had a sincere desire for the Power of Christ to rest upon him, such that there would be NO question as to WHO was his source of Power!  Even through his asking to have the “thorn in the flesh” removed three times (thrice), his answer was clear from the Lord in that His Strength is Made Perfect in Weakness.

Have we taken an inventory of our lives to see whether we “gladly rather glory in our infirmities” instead of using them as the stop-gap excuse to stop us from serving Him?

Having Faith To See

If you have just happened upon this Series – dig in, grab hold and hang on – if YOU will allow it, the Holy Spirit will change you because NONE of these people who wrote these verses under direct Inspiration of God were perfect people.  Each of them had to have FAITH to see past the Scripture placed before them, because of the weakness THEY already KNEW was so.

For those who are familiar with the Series presentation — STOP — right where you are, put your gear in park for a moment.  See yourself in the mirror before viewing the next list of print titles.  Each of these has an imperfect person who wrote them, as human writers of God’s Word, right where they found themselves.  Not a person, would be my educated guess, will be able to say they have mastered all of these…  How would “I” know that???  Simply because there was a meteor shower which showed itself forward by means of Holy Spirit conviction during the development of this Series.

  • His Grace is Sufficient
  • The LORD is My Strength
  • He Will Keep the Feet of His Saints
  • God is My Strength
  • Seek the LORD
  • The LORD is My Rock
  • Be of Good Courage
  • Hope in the LORD
  • Salvation is of the LORD
  • My Refuge is in God
  • Wait Upon the LORD
  • Fear Thou Not
  • Love the Lord Thy God
  • With Might by His Spirit
  • All Things Through Christ
  • Giving Thanks Unto the Father
  • To Him Be Glory and Dominion
  • Worthy is the Lamb

At the end of this Introduction to this Series, we return to the very beginning thought…  This has been one of the most exciting Series done in months, for it is ONLY because of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ that His Power can rest on my life.  “Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities…” Will others see what the Lord is doing for YOU?


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