This Series has been “completed” for some time now, as far as the research has been concerned.  The difficulty with the use of the word Grace is in the consideration of the delivery, it must be considered in light of the Person – the Person of Christ. Ultimately we must recognize that we can know this Grace, for the free unmerited love and favor of God, because the Father was willing to accept the Son such that we could be accepted by Him.

His Grace

It is worth the note to state that only one (1) of the verses of Scripture for this Series is from the Old Testament, Psalm 22:11 | KJV:

“He that loveth pureness of heart, for the grace of his lips the king shall be his friend.”
Proverbs 22:11 | King James Version

The remaining ten (10) passages of Scripture are from the New Testament (NT), including the following phrases along with Grace:

Word was made flesh,
Truth came from Jesus Christ,
through the Redemption,
which was Bestowed upon me,
for your sakes He became poor,
accepted in the Beloved,
Quickened us together with Christ,
called us with an holy calling,according to His Mercy He Saved us,
To Him be Glory and Dominion…

Those phrases give a better definition than any one on Grace that I’ve found – because it is from God’s Word – plus, it reads as a single definition…  We indeed are able to see Him as a real part of our lives, because He once lived as a human being just like we are – it makes Him ever more “real” to each of us. He is Alive, Eternally so, forever and forever.


While there are many other verses on Grace, these are specific ones showing us that through trusting our lives with His, that our lives will be changed in a moment, which will last not only a lifetime here, but forever for all that we tell, witness to and share Him with, that will trust on Him and Believe He is Who we already know Him to be.


The search for this specific list of Grace is answered by giving us the “how” or maybe more importantly to consider, the “by”.  We are so much more able and equipped to understand the “by” because we can see Him working, but may not understand this side of Heaven how He does so.

By Means Of His…

Being Made Flesh
Free Redemption
Understanding Poverty
Blood & Forgiveness
Exceeding Riches
Holy Calling
Eternal Glory

We as Christians have the Eternal benefit of Grace because God the Father created what seems to us-ward a Love beyond belief, where in reality that plan is simply Belief itself, in the very Love of our Heavenly Father’s Heart – His Son, Jesus Christ.  Not a one of us understands how utterly and completely it works, but we have eleven (11) ways provided in this Series to understand some of those means in which He has shown us that love through His Son. By our knowing these means, we have a manner in which we can share with others what we know of God’s Grace and how those have been bestowed upon His children – indeed, our testimony is directly tied to each of these.  May these words remind us of the Word they represent and such that our lips will utter the Scripture in which they are found – each one of them speak of the One Who has already extended that Grace to them, as we are faithful to share them. Surely, we can tell others of His Grace and By what Means Of His they are provided!

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