Sometimes we may not realize just how influential we may be on another individual, whether that be direct or indirect, large or small, or deemed significant or thought insignificant.  This Series was influenced by a person who has influenced me from 3,000 miles away by car or a six (6) hour flight.  Our family knows who they are, but don’t believe we’ve crossed paths as of yet.

A Snapshot of the Word

As with each of her posts to Social Media, a passage is highlighted and a handwritten note is shown posing a question, which then is expounded upon with a thought/lesson from the passage from her personal time with the Lord.  That is MY kind of study – one that works on a person first and then is something which then is desired to be shared with others.


Psalm 107-8 | King James Version

The Facebook post listed as the following:

Do We Praise the LORD for His Goodness?

Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!
Psalm 107:8 | King James Version

Reading my Bible this morning in Psalms 107:8. Do we praise The Lord for his goodness? Do you pray for others and then praise The Lord for the wonderful works you see him doing in their lives. Does it excited you to know that God has answered a prayer for someone else and is working in their life ? I must admit, I get so excited when I have been praying for someone or something and I can see the Lords wonderful works. It’s a promise that He is the one true God and our words and thoughts and prayers are important to him. Sometimes yes He doesn’t answer the way we pray ….it’s because HE way is always better and the results are better for us. So today praise Him for his wonderful works in the lives of others.

What a joy it is to have an Encourager from “so far away”, it is hoped that the influence we have will help Encourage those who desperately need it the world over!  Thanks Ms. Amy for being that kind of Encourager!

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