In thinking about how “good” a person is for me, you or someone we may know, all we really have to do is peel back what kind of an effect that person is having on them. While that is certainly not the only factor to consider, it does give us a place to start.  If that individual or individuals are “no good for you” as the saying goes, we should be a faithful friend who is willing to say so in a loving, kind and considerate manner – the sooner, the better.  Could not the same thing be applied in the matter of God’s Goodness to us?

Who Is Willing

Are we willing to share His Goodness with others so they will know Who God. the LORD, is?  How else will they hear?  The world is riff with programs, events and activities – just to mention a few, trying to persuade even the most balanced Christian into taking their eyes off the Bible as a foundational book for Christian Living.  The more we will keep ourselves immersed in the Living Word of God, the more we will find that His Word is True, Applicable in our world and Shows up in our everyday living.

Then and there comes the question, who is willing to tell them?  Not only through my life (that is a GREAT place to start), but through my deeds, actions, words, time spent and study, but also counsel, devotion, teaching, worshiping, praying and sharing.  We have SO many things to Praise Him for, especially those of us who have the opportunity to teach children.  The lives of those children will largely reflect what they see in the adults around them – it is my desire to have that reflection be clear, genuine and full.

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Each of us as Born-Again Christians have a testimony, which is His Goodness directly applied to our lives for Eternity.  When something Good happens to me, it is pretty difficult for me to keep silent about it – and YOU???  Oh that we would be those that would Praise Him, Praise Him!


There are seventeen (17) direct derived statements gleaned from the verses of Scripture used in this Series to describe His Goodness and Wonderfulness towards us.

His Goodness & Wonderful Works

Proclaim, Dwell, Mercy, Trust, Goodness
Satisfied, Greatness, Live & Walk, Grace
More than Can be Numbered, Generational, To be Remembered
Keeping, Knowing, His Shoulder, Exalt & Praise

He is SO Good, giving Mercy where none is deserved, granting Forgiveness and Grace at such unworthiness, but still He chooses to use Christians to tell others of His Wonderful Works.  When others see how God has been Faithful through our lives and hear from us how He Provides like no one else can, there will be a working of the Holy Spirit that is SO very evident and plain to see.  Even non-believers will have no other explanation for it, but to say, “That’s God”.  What are we saying about God’s Goodness?  How are our lives telling others about His Wonderful Works? Simple really, how ever much we on purpose allow our lives to show forth…

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