Everyone makes a choice to follow someone, something or some idea – even if one were to say they do none of these, then they would have to be following “self”. Some people are leaders, others are for the most part followers, but even given that, each person does both leading and following in one form or another.  The level at which we do both of those will greatly depend on Who is leading us – which brings me to a hymn which this Series is based: He Leadeth Me written by Joseph H. Gilmore in 1862.

The title of this Series is actually from the third line of the Refrain/Chorus,

His faithful foll’wer I would be,

It is indeed a profound statement – for each of us are “would be” followers because none of us are perfect, sinless and in Heaven – if we are reading this, so to speak. It is all a matter of Faith – which is what encompasses this Series by each part fitting together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Following Through

This Series has been on the thought provoking list for months now and a person came to mind who likes daisies more than any other person I know – they will know who they are. (hope you like them). Psalm 23 provided to be the Guidance chapter of Scripture that was needed for the Hymn He Leadeth Me so a Bible study could be built around it.  Then and only then would the concept and words come together for the Series itself, for it was three words that were being seen together as a statement, instead of separated to create something indeed special: His — Faithful — Follower.

It took careful searching and discovery through nearly 1,300 verses of Scripture to develop the SO simple pieces which humbled me more as they fit together so tightly. In order to for the Christian to be counted a Follower, they must be Faithful – notice, not perfect, and to be counted Faithful, we simply MUST be His.


We are provided the tools, instructions and strength as His Children when we accept Christ as our Saviour.  He is BY FAR more Faithful toward us than we could EVER be to Him, but He knew that already.  He went to Calvary for each of us before we were born into this world.


There are total of eighteen (18) prints in this Series, which comprise a Series as serious as any other that has been developed – we have a choice to make, not only for our one day Home in Heaven, but each and every day that we decide to serve Him.

Seeing the Parts of the Whole

His | Grace, Witness & Holiness
Faithful | Doer, Blessings & Ministers
Follower | to Dwell, to Know & to Fish
Choose | Who We Will Follow

As Christians, do we understand that we have been bought with a GREAT price?  It is SUCH a great price that no man could EVER hope or scheme to come close to matching.  Can we, will we, determine at this very moment that we will be His Faithful Follower, realizing that simply is all that He is asking of us to do in seeking His Will for our lives? We should live with purpose, no questions or qualms about that, but our lives are indeed comprised of moments in and of time, right now is what I’m talking about.  How then will we proceed to submit to Him? We will only do His Good Pleasure if we submit willingly to the guidance, command and urging of the Holy Spirit, by actively imitating His Example. Oh, how we need to be His Faithful Followers in this day, time and place where such revile is had for the things of God.


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