Each of want to hear the best of things, even when there are not any “best” things to be told or heard. This passage is like having one of those times happen upon us, where we’d rather hear the “good” and leave the bad behind – but we must have the good and the bad alike in life. To go right along with that, assurance that through the tumultuous time that someone is going to be right there with us – experiencing it too – can be all the comfort we need to face that circumstance with some amount of dignity.

Just as a friend and missionary in Honduras wrote recently, we must remember we are NOT doing this alone, the very Creator of Everything, God Almighty Himself says to us “I will be with thee“. (her reference is Exodus 3:12 | KJV) As this passage of Scripture was being poured over, something very pointed became VERY clear – He is our EVERY THING as Christians. Not only is He our Creator, but also our Redeemer, our LORD, our God, our Holy One, our King, our Way… Anyone who thinks He just created us and left us to fend for ourselves, doesn’t know the Heart of God one bit!

Whose Are We, Anyway?

Ever heard the phrase:

Possession is 9/10ths of the Law

That phrase is one that has been in my personal hearing for nearly all my life – it was a replacement for “finders keepers, losers weepers” many have heard as a child, it would be guessed.  This passage actually puts that possession replacement thought into action, He found us and weeps when we lose our way, but wants desperately for us to return to Him. He provided Redemption for us (redeemed), is with us (Holy Spirit), has given all for our return, is Holy and will Forgive us is we will JUST ask Him.  It is after-all, what one will do for someone they have given all to provide for, protect and have close to them.

We can see what through the use of five (5) different words, Heaven’s Creator demonstrating His ownership of the Christian, even in an Old Testament Book of the Bible.  He spent time to show us His action in ten (10) places through the use of the first of five words, “have”. e.g. “I have redeemed thee…” from the very first verse, v1:

But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine.
Isaiah 43:1 | King James Version

We need to realize and understand that He knows our name and everything about us – and as Children of the King, we are indeed His – all 100% of us is His. We make the choice as to how much we are willing to give, which will only be the best of relationships if we give everything we have over to the Lord.

The remaining four words include:

> will, used 8 times, e.g. I will be with thee,
> gave/give is used 2 times, e.g. I gave Egypt for thy ransom
> am is used 9 times, e.g. I am your Redeemer
> blotted is used 1 time, e.g. I blotteth out thy transgressions


If there is any doubt of His GREAT Love and Concern for us after reading Isaiah 43, we need to take the dedicated time to review the VERY first print and find out what He means by Thou Art Mine – He IS the POSSESSOR. This Series stops at verse 26 of Isaiah 43 for that is where we MUST get to, in order to understand WHY we need to be 100% His.


This Series is composed from a single chapter of the Old Testament book of Isaiah, chapter 43.  In it is contained Promises from the REAL Promise Keeper, the Creator God, our Heavenly Father, giving His Son – our Saviour, Jesus Christ – as well as a warning of what has happened before us and the falter of others along the way.

Promises From Him To Us

Thou art mine
Thou hast been honourable
Called by my name
It is truth
Ye are my witnesses
I am God
Thus saith the LORD
I will make a way
Shew forth my praise
Thou mayest be justified

It is simply amazing how a trigger can be set off in our minds when reading this or that which appears to have a “biblical sense” to it.  One might think that is just a coincidence, but really it isn’t that at all.  The more of God’s Word we put into our very lives, it will become clear that it is much more than recall which brings it to our mind, our very behavior and thought process is changed and molded by it.  The dynamic of the mind is more apt to be desired when an identity is made with one/a person/relationship whom can be trusted.  For a Christian, the Holy Spirit has little choice but to show through, if we are truly living for the One and True Living God. May each of us not only desire, but make good on hiding the Word of God in our hearts, such that it would permeate to every facet of our lives just as our Lord did while He was here. As we come upon this or that, may we know where it is from and Who wrote it as our spirit testifies of it being so.

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