This Series of Encouragement began when a print was observed, from a distance, it looked right.  Upon drawing close, the wording drew my attention.  They are “just subtle” changes to the Bible passages presented, or are they? Would you and I say that the word “praise” and “habitation” were the same word, thus sharing a similar nature in answer?  Just like the difference in those words, within the realm of their meanings, when someone says “I know God” or “I believe in God” we may not be able to distinguish what they are actually saying.

Ownership | Making The Claim

When saying that the God of All Creation is “My God”, the individual making the proclamation is boldly making an identification, a willingness is supposed, to do what is in God’s Eyes Right, Just, and without chaos.  The case in point for this initial Theme image for the Series is tied to two words (three sets of words actually) which should be used in conjunction with each other to convey the Truth, which in the end will set all of us free from the tyranny of sin, hate and the lack of dependence on the Holy Spirit in our lives.

We need to boldly proclaim that He Is My God – but it would be good for us to understand how we can make that declaration, have some starting points and develop and understanding of how we can even make such a claim. These fourteen (14) passages in this Series set out to do just that. It is imperative that we understand that Jesus Christ is the desperate Salvation the peoples of the world need. We need to remember that it is the Word of God they need to hear, not our paraphrase of it.  Stand True to the Word such that as it goes beyond us, that it will not return void because of changes we’ve been trying to make.


The initial verse, Exodus 15:2 |  KJV, contains a two piece puzzle presented to the reader – Salvation and Habitation (dwelling place within a person). Keep in mind this is found in the Old Testament – they are looking for the coming of Jesus for the first time, in the future.

The LORD is my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he is my God, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s God, and I will exalt him.
Exodus 15:2 | King James Version

We make that re-preparation daily as Christians when we go to God the Father in prayer, that in a sense we ask for power – but Salvation is instant, not a work over time.  We have to help others get pointed, start seeking, be led to the place where they realize just who they are and Who God Is – it is preparation like this that makes verses like these SO VERY SPECIAL.



The list following is broken down into three (3) distinct areas, the theme, seeking and then thanks & trusting, which is shown through this Series in fourteen (14) overall prints.

Sharing | Theme & Calling

Theme | He Is My God
Seeking Him | Savest Me, Maketh My Way, I Seek Thee, I Trust, Salvation & My Strength
Thanks & Trusting | Yet Have Believed, Spoken Of, Grace, Remembrance, Shall Supply, Without Ceasing & Given Me

An amazing study of God’s Word, yielding just what was needed to make a straight forward Series.  A proclamation is made, “He Is My God”, then Scripture is used to show how people in the Bible knew it to be the case. The Old Testament foretold and the New Testament beholds, the sinless Lamb of God – our Way, our Salvation, our Supply.  How can we NOT tell others about this (A)mazing Book, the (I)ncredible Author, the (M)ost Worthy Sacrifice?  We should AIM to tell everyone we know about Him.

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