Who would have ever thought that a single verse of Scripture could lead to over 3,100 verses to be individually looked at and the surrounding verses for a single Series? Seams SO impossible doesn’t it? No, in actuality, the more the Lord allows me to study, research, understand and soak up – the more REAL His Word has become to me. It is my hearts desire to share what He is teaching me with whoever will also take the Adventure of a lifetime – the “A” in Adventure is capitalized for a reason, it is the Journey – that He has set before me and His “Will” is the Adventure of the Ages.  Everyone can “Know” His Will, which is where He wants ALL of us to be…

ALL That In One Verse?

YES – all tied up in one verse, if we as Christians are willing to take the time look at what a verse means to them as the Holy Spirit Speaks.  There are a LOT of folks that have NO idea that Zephaniah is even a book in the Bible, much less that he was a Prophet in the Old Testament (the book is four back from Matthew), sandwiched in between Habakkuk and Haggai.  The verse that began the launching place of this Series was picked up through a search for “mighty”, which gives us:

The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.
Zephaniah 3:17 | King James Version

The verse gives us nine (9) thoughts about “The LORD Thy God”, which each of us can make application to our own lives. The excitement of this verse is promise, a blessing to know, a Word we can count on to be so, Encouraging, an assurance… A Promise given to each and every Christian to live out and the Hope of Salvation with all those that will hear and be changed.

He is RIGHT here with us – in our midst – as the Holy Spirit who indwells inside the heart of every Born Again, Heaven Bound Believer.  He is Mighty, capable of doing all things which are of His Perfect Nature and Will.  More than one verse was found in researching this Series for each word and phrase, which would as well applied, but each of these have been chosen out of all the scanning through, supporting the purpose of this Series.


It is exciting for me to have the dedicated hours spent on the Ministry make application in my own life first, and then have the ability to share it with those who would and could use it around the world. Probably the largest challenge faced today is the lack of “knowing the Bible”, which has been hijacked by the notion given us as “knowing of the Bible”.  That one word changes the meaning completely by making it a prepositional phrase, removing the Bible and the Lord Authority, replacing it with merely “having the idea” of what something may be about and having no reverence whatsoever for the God of All Creation. If one will NOT see His Might, unfortunately they may as well miss His Hand their everyday lives.


The Series verse of Scripture provides nine (9) support items for each of us to consider.  With that consideration, each of the main words in the verse is defined.  They lend themselves to being said like the following: “The LORD Thy God… In the Midst”, “The LORD Thy God… Is Mighty”, etc.

Scripture/Defining List

  • 01 | The LORD Thy God
  • 02 | In The Midst (Midst)
  • 03 | Is Mighty (Mighty)
  • 04 | Will Save (Save)
  • 05 | Will Rejoice (Rejoice)
  • 06 | With Joy (Joy)
  • 07 | Will Rest (Rest)
  • 08 | In His Love (Love)
  • 09 | Will Joy Over (Over)
  • 10 | With Singing (Singing)

Much of what we do as Christians is defined from where we learned something the initial time, the place where it was continued and what surrounded the situation where the learned item occurred.  In the case of the verse of Scripture, many may not realize that God’s Word is FULL of them – the Word of God is a Living Testament of God’s GREAT Love for His Creation – those that were created in His Image.  What verse of Scripture will the Lord use to show you His Goodness?  Start with this one and learn to love His Word more each day!

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