Every Series to me is enjoyable and has a direct impact on what is being done all around me – it is the driving reason they are developed.  Many of them are tied to music, as is this one, having a fair amount of research done to develop them into a free standing study, display set and thought.  While this Series is small (to me at least) in the presentation of study, it was an expansive project which covered over fifty defined words (word choices) and several thousand verses of Scripture.  Simply put, it has been an Amazing time with the LORD!

A Pattern Recognized

The song “He Is Here”, written by Kirk Talley, is a slow, VERY deep, thought provoking song which reminds us that indeed God is with us.  While it speaks of the “Presence of the Lord” being in a place such as a church or worship center, that place can be wherever you are.  My preference is to be in constant awareness of Him and ready to commune, but of course I’m human, just like everyone else. That is where a pattern was picked up in the Scripture research – a difference of preparation or being ready was presented in the Old Testament Scriptures than in the New Testament ones.

In general the Old Testament passages present the reader with a “if you will do this…” where the New Testament passages are more geared toward “when you do this…”  Interesting?  Absolutely! The difference is in when the texts were written  (almost wrote txts like it was being delivered on a phone…), the Old Testament is in part largely a historical account on events, where the New Testament (for the most part) was being lived at the time it was being written.  The letters in the NT were being delivered and read to congregations and groups of people.


Both OT and NT Scripture are used in this Series, only two passages were chosen per word in an effort to keep the Series manageable in design and reading.  The first verse utilized is from my absolute favorite Bible character Nehemiah – see what they did – they got the Good Book and read it!!!  What a testimony and example to each of us, whether that be when things are the bleakest or are going the best – His Word guides.


The following meaningful words form a list of nine (9) items that we can draw how we can each know He has been Present and is currently Present in our lives from God’s Word.

Short List Of Meaningful Words

  1. Sense
  2. Awe
  3. Moving
  4. Holy Spirit
  5. Resting
  6. Presence
  7. Search
  8. Peace
  9. Feast

We have an incredible opportunity as Christians in this day and age to know and walk each day with the Father in consideration of the His Whole Counsel through the Bible in our own language.  Both a historical perspective (how others have done it) and a living (how to live now) Faith provide us the opportunity to be instructed unlike even those that lived in Jesus’ day.  Every Christian needs to be reminded that we have the Sacred Book and access to it unlike any other time in previous history, besides when Jesus walked the earth and others could ask Him directly themselves. Let us each take time with our Heavenly Father and Our Saviour daily such that we stay in constant communication with Him – all kinds of patterns could be recognized should be do seek to do so…

He Is Here
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