This Series has been in the hopper for some time and was put before me once again by an image seen – albeit not the same one in which it was first planted.  First, the original title for the set of phrases was not “He Is Everything To Me”, but rather “Thank You, Jesus”.  After looking over the list, the “When I…” stuck out to me as all those things that the Lord is to me and is for every Christian.  He is God & He is Faithful – which makes Him our Everything when we depend solely upon him for Everything.


Just as bold as the statements (which follow), the images chosen and the accompanying artwork gives us the opportunity to see our Lord as a mighty Eagle.  Just think of all the things that He is to us when we…

 Fall & Fail
Am Weak, Am Lost & Am Afraid
Am Hurt, Am Broken, Am Blind & Am Hungry
Face Trials, Face Persecution, Face Problems, Face Loss & Face Death

These are yet just a few things the that Lord is to us when we have difficulties, but this list is a POWERFUL place to start and once to keep close to our hearts.


In the seventeen (17) prints, two (2) of them are ones which have only the Lord’s response, where the remaining fifteen (15) have both.  This list is directly referenced to people, places and events in the Bible so we will know the Word given us by reading His Word are tried and true, promises made and kept, for all to see.


  • He Is God
  • He Is Faithful
  • He Lifts Me Up
  • He Forgives
  • He Is Strong
  • He Is The Way
  • He Is My Courage
  • He Steadies Me
  • He Heals Me
  • He Mends Me
  • He Leads Me
  • He Feeds Me
  • He Is With Me
  • He Shields Me
  • He Comforts Me
  • He Provides For Me
  • He Carries Me Home

There are so many ways that our Creator gives us the opportunity as Christians to see Him at work and working in our lives – should we take the opportunity to realize and recognize them. What is it that the Lord does for you?  How about through you for others to see how He takes care of you?  We will begin and continue to work toward the realization of what “Everything” means to our Lord as we draw closer to Him.


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