From the very first mention of Psalm 61 being the text for the Bible study time, the cogs began to turn and my heart was encouraged by the time spent being challenged.  This chapter of Psalms was not new to me by any means, but this time something different was stirred up inside of me by the Holy Spirit.  It is my hope that stirring will be contagious in some sort of manner…

Consider With Me

A higher call came with this text, one where the consideration would challenge me to not only be reminded of how our Heavenly Father will answer our prayer and calm our fears, but it amazes me how He shows us how we are changed in the process.  The verses penned in Psalm 61 demonstrate for us how desperate David was in getting himself to the place where he knew that God the Father would hear him and respond.  It was NOT a list of things he wanted, rather they were cries from deep within his very being, ones that come from the depth of a person’s soul.  He tells his God how he knows that he will be provided for and that this time would surely pass, once again bringing joy between him and God.


The Study verses, ones used to support and enhance the original Bible study notes, speak of how we can and will know that our God can and WILL answer them, just as He has done before with many for others we can read about.  All that is being sought is how safety will be provided and clear direction is available for the asking – if we’d JUST ask Him!  He has done so before, just as David has pointed out before us in the referenced Scripture.


There are SO many things that could be done with this Series!  Almost could not contain myself with the possibilities – with the MOST important one being HOW God the Father would use the Holy Spirit to CHANGE me, just for having been faithful and continuing to seek His face through times of distress and pain.  Take a look at the following word and word combinations to consider the ones presented in this Series, they are mighty and will change our lives, if we will just let our Lord change us.

Word To Consider

  • Hear & Attend | Cry & Lead | Strong | Abide & Trust | Heard & Fear
  • Prolong | Abide, Prepare & Preserve | Sing & Perform
  • groanings | heard | preserve | attend | chosen
  • lifter | present | refuge | runneth | truth
  • thanks | praise | bless | dwell

We must take into account Who God really is and recognize our part in putting ourselves before Him with a repentant heart, soul, mind and life – such that He will want to use us.  Even when we think the worst thing in the world that could happen has, with no seeming way out without a miracle intervention.  It might be right there in that moment that God seeks to MOVE in our midst, changing more than just us to place us right where He wants, so we might serve Him utterly.  When studying out the verses used in this Series, it may appear that they are bleak and abandoning – they are quite rather the opposite – it is preparation such that our God can make the greatest impact, profound changes and significant growth, which He SO DESIRES in our lives and the lives of others. Will we listen? Will we praise Him right where we are, NO MATTER where we find ourselves? Will YOU sing… I AM choosing to do so!

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