How many times have we gone down the road of life a little ways, experiencing a challenge, problem or trouble, all the while trying to figure it out and solve it all on our own?  If we’d be honest, as I am being with you right now, we’d have to raise both hands – not just one – at the recall of some of those things.  As Christians we have God’s Word, the very Essence of what He wants us to have in the form of the Book of Knowledge, yet at times we wait until the last moment before picking it up or considering the Author as our Lifeline.

In running across some concepts and material ideas, a statement which had more than the single part used here, grabbed my attention – Have You Prayed About It… Every Christian realizes the Power in prayer in at least some basic form and fashion, for we would not have Salvation individually if it were not for prayer.  Is it possible to gain some wisdom about prayer by digging into the Scriptures? Certainly is and we most definitely will be influenced and changed by what we find.  Question is this: Will we do that very thing now?

Have We?

We have the most powerful tool in existence, known or unknown – the Power in and of Prayer. I’m afraid we too often don’t know how to pray and even maybe worse than that, we don’t understand how to become better Prayers.  What makes this Series so Encouraging to me is that we are able to see from the pages of the very Scripture we learned about Salvation the Promises He makes, as well as the things we can do which will Enrich us by directly applying what others have given example of for us to do so.  We can find REAL people, who were in REAL places, with REAL needs, where they needed the REAL Jehovah GOD to step into that moment of their lives UTTERLY.


In these passages of Scripture: we will find Jesus speaking AND praying to God the Father; we can hear Hannah’s heart cry as she rejoiced in her salvation from the one who gave it to her – God; we have the opportunity to ache along with Nehemiah as he knew Who needed to be petitioned well before the king did; we can clearly see how Daniel lived his life and Who he stayed close to and clung to for his very life; we have the opportunity to understand the Power and the Source with which Paul, John and Barnabas changed the world for the cause of Christ; we are given a view into a choice man’s heart, that being Cornelius who would do the unthinkable in men’s eyes – sharing the Love of God with all who would listen; and we can see that a motion was made to change where Paul was, to kneel before God the Father, to humbly ask of Him Safety and Protection for them and others.


All of those things just mentioned are indeed contained in these passages of Scripture – this listing is MUCH more revealing than what some may just see if they happen upon it.  There are eight (8) ways, promises, approaches and desires contained in them, which will, not just can, change our lives — if we will just allow God to use them to do so.

Prayed About Listing

Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask
Rejoice In Thy Salvation
Before The God Of Heaven
Unto The LORD My God
More Earnestly
Filled With The Holy Ghost
One That Feared God
Kneeled Down

What may at first seem a short-list, is much more than that for certain.  This Series contains the very Word of God that can change the very way we think about Praying, which is how we talk to our Heavenly Father – God Himself.  It is a communication like no other – the method is different, the channel is different, the process is different – our Prayer can reach into the very Throne Room of Heaven, being presented unto the Feet of God Almighty Himself.  Unfortunately, I’ve found so few people who realize this VERY profound TRUTH. The Lord gives us REAL people in His Word, the Bible – the History Book of the Ages, so we might identify with them, recognizing that He Can and Will use us in like fashion.  If we would just see the example which they have so richly provided for us in the Ultimate How To Book – the Bible – it would change our lives, our families, our churches, our communities… it would change people – God Loves ALL People – and wishes to hear from us, each and every one of us.

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