Most of the time when a person says this or that about attending a conference, the real measuring stick of what was gained is taken into account and judged by what changes are made in the person, not just what they perform as an outwardly appearance.  The happenings encircling about this series is a personal one, not because of what happened but rather what was done to make sure it DID happen.  Unfortunately to some degrees we were unable to attend the Spiritual Leadership Conference 2011 hosted and sponsored by Lancaster Baptist Church of Lancaster, California. We had planned on attending with our Pastor and his wife, along with two additional couples from our Pastoral Staff since this was our planned travel event as a couple. One of those “NO” answers came concerning a health challenge which kept us grounded close to home – but we didn’t let that deter us one bit.

Am extremely fortunate to have the facilities in our home and the ability to “host” in a manner our own little part of “SLC: 2011” in my office.  We set up, cleared everything off the desktops, pulled in the chairs, tuned all the equipment (sound, lights, monitors) to have us a “front row seat” with the camera as our guide via LiveStream from Lancaster!  We kept the hookup open from an hour or so before the service was to begin to air live which allowed all three of us to experience it, with our minds, hearts and spirits focused on putting ourselves there – did it work?  You BETCHA!  We immersed ourselves – looked up hymns on the second 30″ screen so we could sing with them, bowed ourselves in humble submission at all prayer times and made personal altars right here in my office – as a family committing to carry through with what we submitted ourselves.

That is where this Series is borne of – a message of INCREDIBLE proportions, delivered rapid fire, but in a manner that had teeth, hooks and taunt casting lines – one where you could not escape – with the Holy Spirit proving over and over again as we recalled even in just recent pasts, how we may have come across to others, not even intentionally, but nonetheless so…  Are we so humble, that we see it so clearly, which has grown ever more clear through a fervent devotion to our Heavenly Father?  Nothing in discounting the preacher of the hour that presented this challenge, but are we to find or purport ourselves to be any better than the Apostle Paul?  We must examine ourselves with this clear exhortation of the Scripture!

A Chapter Written All About Charity…

While we will be reminded of what Charity really means through these verses, for that is what I Corinthians 13 is written for, we also need to make sure we don’t lose the focus of what our Lord and Saviour showed forth…  The focus being spoken of is the Love for mankind that God shows us, for when we have that kind of Love we have to be walking with Him as the Leader in our life.

This list of what Charity is and does presents us with a manner of the three in I Corinthians 13:13 which is where the title of this Series comes from, including Faith and Hope.  Because of the Faith Born-Again Believers have in Christ being our Saviour, having known the Blessed Hope of His imminent return, these Charity items become real life for each of us.  It is a reminder to me of what God the Father expects from each of us about how we carry ourselves, how we represent our Saviour and the reverence of our minds that can ONLY come by an utter love and an all encompassing devotion to God.


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