This Series took a "turn" into something much more than was originally thought, which has something to do with the reversal of two words: "Giving Thanks", which turned into "Thanksgiving" - all without the loss of a single letter!  Believe you me, that is one HUGE turn-around - which was not expected one bit.  Being that it has been taken from a recent sermon preached from the pulpit of our church, the "proving" was already going to be exciting to begin with - the preparation was not quite enough to understand it was SO much more than just two little words...

Preparing For A Transformation

Our Preacher for the evening, who delivered this timely message, is one of our own young men John Hill.  His message was so clear, pointed and directed - that we should be aware of what our problems are and how others can hurt us, even when they may not even realize it.  One very important point run my bell so to speak, that we should be giving thanks to God in praise in every situation, every trial, every pain...

Remembering a statement that our Pastor Emeritus has made in my hearing literally hundreds of times when he prays, "with Thanksgiving", it triggered the two work reversal.  Sure enough when looking it up in the Bible, the "thanks" with "giving" provided the verses for this Series with some WONDERFUL reading throughout the Bible.  Seventeen (17) passages of Scripture were chosen for this Series to capture some of the many reasons we should be Giving Thanks unto God The Father for His Mercy, Kindness and Grace shown towards us.


We definitely don't deserve anything we are given and should really understand that it is by God's Grace, Mercy and Provision that we have any of what we have today.  These images attempt to captivate the attention with God's Creation so that we might spread God's Word all around.  We are to be "Giving Thanks Continually" in all that we do, go, see, speak, help...  The list goes on and on - so do the reasons we have to Sing God's Praise!


A Few Good Areas

  1. Continually
  2. At Your Own Will
  3. Because He Is Good
  4. With A Song
  5. Before His Presence
  6. Into His Courts
  7. For His Goodness
  8. Call Upon The Name
  9. Unto Our God
  10. Renewed Day By Day
  11. Always For All Things
  12. In Every Thing
  13. Through His Blood
  14. As Ye Have Been Taught
  15. Whatsoever Ye Do
  16. For Every Creature
  17. For Ever And Ever

May we each be found Giving Thanks for the many reasons He gives us to do so, no matter where we find ourselves!


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