August 7th, 2011
by William A. Turner

A very special family comes to mind with the completion of this Series with an odd and peculiar name: Get’n With It.  The family would be the Walkers: Kevin, Loretta, Jeannie Mae, Little Joe (who ain’t so little), KW and Barbara (who is married to KW). Oops – almost forgot the “littlest” of the group – Champ! They are the INCREDIBLE family that are a blessing through Round Up Ministries.  A main slogan they use throughout their Ministry and opportunities to serve is this one:

— “We hope to be a blessing to you as we throw a rope of hope to a lost and dying world.”

This set of prints was developed from a challenge that Bro. Kevin gave to the men of our Church.  In a very “Western” spoken theme and presentation, he very plainly laid out before us an admonishment of making sure we were “Get’n With It” in the work of our local Church.  While giving us that challenge several parallel thoughts were brought to mind which aided each of us in the understanding of how we were to change our “viewpoint” and “vantage point”, both at the same time.  Each of the Statements build on each other, just like the titles of the prints, as do the verses which are even further support of this challenge for each of us to “get in on the program” of our local fellowship.


  • Spiritual & Scriptural Backing It Up.
  • Changing By Building Up.
  • You Don’t Have To Do It Alone.
  • What Is It That Gets You Wound Up?

At first these three different streams of things may appear to be disconnected…  I assure you they are FAR from disconnected.  The intertwining is best explained by using the analogy (which Bro. Kevin used himself) of a rope, made up of strands, which then make up cords, finally making a “rope” which is MUCH stronger than the sum of the strands and cords it is built upon.  Once the weaving begins and the rope itself is distinguishable enough as a rope, the real power of understanding can be shared and realized by all who will yield to the leading of the Holy Spirit in their lives.  Each of the Statements presented, works hand in hand with the Things We Are To Get, and God’s Word is that FINAL Authority on what He would have us do.

The four things that Bro. Kevin shared with us are things that he challenges us to “get”.  For each of these “get” items, all four of the statements applies.  What is being witnessed here, by the working of the Holy Spirit, is that WE are the ones who have “get” to a place where should be and be “right” before the Mighty God of Heaven.  Those for “get”, which we should GET with all we have in us, follow:

The Things We Are To Get

  • Get Behind Your Pastor
  • Get With The Program
  • Get With The Promise
  • Get With The Purpose

First of course is to “Get Behind Your Pastor”, where I can fill in – “My” for “Your” – where are we standing with the Man of God places in our local church?  All the rest hinges and depends on where we are with the very first thing we are to “get” – how are we each doing?


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    Purpose: We are Roundup Ministries, we're rounding up souls to be saved, soul winners to search, strays to get back into service, and students for Hyles- Anderson college. My family and I travel to the local church. I'm an independent, fundamental Baptist missionary Evangelist. I do Revivals, Teen and Junior camps, Vacation Bible Schools, Family Conferences and Mission Conferences.