Full & Complete Devotion, With All Thine Heart through Power, Wisdom and Grace – that is what this Series is all about. With this statement comes a question which is one that is asked of myself for every design, presentation and print:

Would You Hang “This” In Your House?

Take just a moment to ponder that question in your mind… Would you and I as Christians be willing to place our Relationship with our Lord and God in a prominent place in such a manner that would allow others to gaze in to obtain a peek? Hope you realize something… We already do – it is shown by who we are trusting.

Complete Trust

Where each of us place our Trust can be seen by even the most distant person we can think of, and most often is easily known by those that are close to us. For instance, an item that we choose to hang in our homes in prominent locations – those that live in that house most likely have a VERY intimate knowledge of whether it is applicable or is merely a decoration placed in that location to suggest something to be the case.

There is a Person that knows us better than we do ourselves, the Person of the Holy Spirit, for as Christians we are the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We cannot get to a place low enough, high enough or far enough away that He doesn’t know us intimately and completely.  This Series is about understanding that Trust through His Power, His Wisdom and His Grace, can be Full and Complete.

For each and every passage presented gives us an insight as to how His Word both Prompts and Encourages us as Believers to follow as our Devotion grows stronger towards Him.


The Complete Trust through Wisdom actually contains the EXACT same verses (Proverbs 3:5-6) that have been used for our daughter’s Baccalaureate and Graduation Commencement Exercises from High School.  Interestingly enough, this Series was started at the beginning of those events, which has made it even more special to me for listening to the prompting of the Holy Spirit to engage them in this Series.


This Series contains a total of forty-two (42) passages of Scripture in building an INCREDIBLE set of reminders for the Christian as to how Power, Wisdom and Grace come from our Heavenly Father, shown to us through His Word for all to be able to comprehend.


Power | Witness, Of God, of Holy Ghost, Preaching, of Christ, Living, of His Resurrection, Delivered, His Spirit & Dominion
Wisdom | Depth, Holy Ghost, Not Fleshly, His Spirit, His Will, to Walk, To Ask, in Meekness & Purity
Grace | Glory of God, Abound, Salvation, Singing, Exceeding Abundant, In Time and Need, Humble, Manifold, All, Multiplied & With You

Where would we be, if we’d just be honest with ourselves and with our God, today if we as Christians refused to show others a changed life in Christ, as if God didn’t give His MOST precious Son to be the sacrifice for our sins? Take a moment to think about that statement… Unfortunately, that type of behavior and attitude can and does happen to/thru Christians like you and me EVERY single day.  What we say, or refrain from saying, could very easily be compared to whether or not we would hang ANY of the prints from this Series in our homes, places of work or in a location where people there know us.  We each choose to allow the Holy Spirit to show through us each moment that we live on purpose, or we choose not to allow Him to be seen.  I personally challenge you go through each image in this Series, asking yourself whether or not you would put each one in a place of prominence wherever you are, such that others would see it and might ask you a question about it. What type of Devotion do we each have to Him, not just towards Him?

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