This Series has spoken to me personally in that there is an identification made in such a VERY clear manner – my own experience with suffering from Cluster Headaches (CH) and the side effects they bring.  Many people have no idea what a CH is, much less that they come in two flavors: episodic and chronic.  Episodic means that they come in limited time periods or episodes, then disappear for weeks, months or even years before another one is experienced.  Chronic is a simple way of saying they they occur in a constant fashion, in a defined rhythm – ALL the time, every day.  They’ve been termed “alarm clock” headaches, as they most of the time strike at the same time interval each day, within a minute or two of the last one 24 hours earlier. Mine are VERY precise.

Lately have had a number of people ask me “How in the world do you function?”, “…go to work?”, “…produce the items for” amongst all the other things. First, let me tell you, It is NOT easy.  Much of the time it is much more difficult than I’d care to share or let on it being – my wife and daughter know how tight the rope gets during those times.  It is my habit to NOT share very much about it, for I know Who already knows ALL about it – my Heavenly Father. I can tell you this though, it has made me a STRONGER Christian in spite of it weakening me physically.  This Series can be summed up in the following manner:

Suffering (produces) Endurance, Endurance (produces) Character, Character (produces) Hope – all of that Gives God Glory

A Change in Perspective

With that posed question that surely is running through your mind about now, HOW does Suffering, Endurance, Character and Hope give God Glory in the case you described as your ordeal?  Simple one!  Through my Suffering, I’ve drawn closer to my Saviour, Jesus Christ, and have learned the Throne Room of Heaven is available, with Almighty God, no matter the minute, hour or day. By doing so, my Endurance has been well more than my words could convey – the ability and energy to do so always comes when I least expect it.  While NOT perfect by any means, it is hoped that my Character does show through for the time that I spend with God the Father – it is diligently sought after and found.  Each of those things together give me Hope in my Saviour and that He will equip me to do all of those things He desires for me. Each and every thing we do should be done so to Glorify the Lord!

So, does reading your Bible, Praying, Meditating on His Word, going to church, witnessing by telling others about Jesus and a host of other things going to keep a person from suffering? No where in the Bible will anyone find that result, but we will find that the Holy Spirit will always be there with us and that our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ intercedes for us on our behalf.

8x10 Landscape

The tribulation that we experience, we indeed can “glory in” because there is purpose in what we do – an Eternal Purpose – guided, provided and presided by the very Creator of all that is, was and ever will be.


It will seem so simple, maybe even too simple, to understand that the steps that the very Creator of the Universe asks of us is SO down to earth, doable and possible.  The Concept to Proof is the Series itself with a few declarations will be a place where each of us can see that we indeed can go From Suffering to Hope, giving God the Glory.

Concept to proof

Steps in Tribulation | Suffering, Endurance, Character, Hope > Glory
Declarations | Peculiar, Virtue, Royal Priesthood, Declare, Grace

Each of us have different struggles, challenges and periods of tribulation – if not, we’d all be alike and have nothing to distinguish ourselves!  With that said though, we can allow those things to define us, cheating us out of the opportunity to allow God to mold, set and define who we are in spite of our difficulties. Never once has He failed me, nor left me without a sense of His Presence – that is VERY important to understand. Trials will come, tribulations will linger, but nothing can prevail against Him. Who are you depending on in your darkest hour?  How will we respond to His Still, Small, Quiet Voice as the next storm appears?  May it be found of and in me that I would be “giving God the Glory” for all He’s done for me!

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