William A. Turner 30 Oct , 2015


The  beginning of this Series occurred from a most unlikely source, or maybe not, because we are so bombarded by the reason for it.  The name of the Series was chosen specifically to poke into something that we as Christians have been flirting with for well longer than we should have been – accepting the status quo on language used in our homes, offices, cars, schools and EVEN our churches!  We have become TOO relaxed with what we will allow to be “acceptable” in our presence.

It is going to be pretty hard for a Christian to convince me that being within earshot of a curse word laced conversation, whether that be person-to-person, in a group or being replayed as in a TV program or movie, that it has no power over or toward you.  For starters, the Holy Spirit kicks me in the gut, causing a revolt to be set into motion inside of me – if it doesn’t you, then I’d recommend that you stop, drop and crop.  Stop listening.  Drop to your knees.  Crop out yourself a circle. Find out WHY it doesn’t both you – here’s one thing I do know Christian, if you’ll get quiet, get serious and get alone, the answer will come…

Replacement Words

Have we ever thought to have a full arsenal of “FOUR” letter words from God’s Word to remind us of Him instead of having those “others” rotting away at our minds, testimony and witness?  It was AMAZING to find SO many of them – in just five (5) minutes a quick list of 127 was scribbled down for twenty-five (25) of the twenty-six (26) letters of the alphabet, with only one not having a word associated, that being the letter “X”.

The very first one was the word “ABLE”, which seemed simple enough – read the verse of Scripture found for it:

Holding fast the faithful word as he hath been taught, that he may be able by sound doctrine both to exhort and to convince the gainsayers.
Titus 1:9 | King James Version

Do you know what a gainsayer is?

A person who contradicts, disputes or denies, being in opposition to what is being shown to be inappropriate or wrong.


From the VERY first word, this Series started off with a full on “help” for Christians to be armed with a “FOUR” letter word from God’s Word to combat those that would use language that is not only offensive to man, but even more so offensive to our Heavenly Father.


Whether you or I are bombarded with inappropriate language, or have them in use ourselves, we need these words as a study vocabulary to confront our even being exposed to them.  The more of them we know, the more of God’s Word also will be known.  They are presented as a representative of Godly Character, pleasing and just in God the Creator’s Eyes, Ears and Mind – all the more we should strive to know them.

A Whole New Vocabulary


The only letter that has been “left out” is the letter “X”, which I believe we can apply to something very important – the crossing out whatever word that is offensive, no matter how many letters it may have.  Each of us need these, for NO ONE is immune to the challenge of filthy or derogatory language, but we can DO something about it.  We can have an answer to it, an appropriate response to it and have a testimony that is pleasing to our God and Saviour while we are at it.  Be honest with yourself before a thrice Holy God – is this a problem for you?  For the first time in my life a few months back, my family and I were floored to hear language spew from the mouth of a “Christian” inside of a Church House, that would be expected to be heard in a Rated R movie.  We each were mortified – just imagine, not even the meeting place of God’s Children is considered sacred in a word.  It is realized that we are the “Temple” of the Holy Spirit, so by the higher token, imagine how our Creator feels when we defile His Temple when we use, hear and subject ourselves to such language. Will we choose not to defile ourselves, such that we might be the witness we ought to be?

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