As is often the case with each Series that is developed, there is a special “someone” or an event that impacts “those” around us in such a profound manner, that we know not what else to do, say, or offer – but to point to God’s Word.  In seeking to be an encouragement, there is a special ingredient one must have in order to make the impact “on” that person’s life or to make an impact “in” that person’s life – that ingredient is the “cause”.

Interesting enough for this set of ten prints started with a recipe from God’s Appointment Book, which turned into the prompting of the Holy Spirit in me, for what would become a stabilizing factor for not only the intended individual, but for their entire family.  One must understand, I did NOT have the “cause”, which we would instinctively turn into the word “because”, most often it is generated from the following words: who, what, when, where,  and how.


This series was launched out of a sermon and grew into a set from my personal Bible study, with a focus that has become VERY special to me – just as the person the very first print was given “For this cause“…  So special in fact, that as the design was completed for the African Daisy, pulled down a print from my wall in the office, popped out the glass, exchanging the image so that I would DO exactly as the Holy Spirit had prompted me.  GET THIS PRINT OVER THERE – DO SO IMMEDIATELY.

The Response – PRICELESS

The For This Cause Series blossomed into a set of 10 vibrant images with ever more powerful Scripture presentations, beginning with a statement that should be upon each of our hearts for each and every person we pray for:

For this cause we also, since the day we heard it, do not cease to pray for you, and to desire that ye might be filled with the knowledge of his will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding;
Colossians 1:9 | KJV

We indeed are honored to pray for this family who have grown to be “special” to us, which we have been so the much more encouraged by them, as we seek to “continue to pray for them enough of everything, no more, no less, not over, not under – just exactly ENOUGH. Period.”

The Desire – FULFILLED

Something that had never crossed my mind, which came home to roost so to speak, is the following statement:

I have my own flower garden in my office, thanks to you.

It is the desire of my heart to provide a message of encouragement through the lens of a camera, seeing not only God’s Handiwork, but to also presenting in harmony God’s Word, such that we have all the reminder we need for wherever our eyes might look…


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