Ever thought about writing down a list of the difficulties we can have in life then take the time to find them in the Word of God? No doubt most people that have any exposure to the Bible, have heard the line “the Bible has the answer to all of life’s questions” or something along line or train of thought. But how many times have we seen an actual list of the passages where these area have been researched and application made.


The following are thirty-one (31) challenges which have corresponding verses of Scripture for each (on the Series page). Keep in mind these a single points found in the Word of God on the topic, which is only one of possibly many that could be applied.

Table of Terms

Worried? • Lacking Trust? • Frustrated? • Tired? • Bereaved? • Too Busy?

Lonely or Fearful? • Feel Rejected? • Sick or In Pain? • Depressed?

Jealous? • Sleepless Nights? • Family Problems? • Done Something Wrong?

Need Courage and Strength? • Facing a Crisis? • Planning the Future? • In Doubt?

Building A New Home? • Money Problems? • Bitter or Critical? • Need Peace?

Need Assurance? • Leaving Home? • Discouraged? • Don’t Understand What God is Doing?

Faith Needs Encouraging? • Hated Because of Your Faith? • Losing Hope?

Alone and Scared? • Hard Times?

The Bible is truly the Book oof the Ages, for it not only has survived, each day we live more of it is being proven true. God’s Word contains a map of what has already happened, what we are to be doing and what will come to pass as God the Father has Ordained. May each of us learn to search the Instruction Book for the many answers it holds for the Holy Spirit within to help us as Christians understand such that we will live our lives in the light of the Scriptures.



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