Theme presentation is very pointed for this Series, it is tied around the following phrase: For the Faith of the Gospel. Something very special is displayed with this Series of prints – can you spot them???  One person of the initial group picked it out from the very first preview…

The four areas of the focus points include:

  1. Only Let Your Conversation Be
  2. Stand Fast In One Spirit
  3. With One Mind
  4. Striving Together

They are intentionally ornate, from the use of three typefaces which flow together, rich colors of gold and blues, along with deep black backgrounds to contrast the boldly presented gold frames.  The background color was chosen as an ultimate get your attention mechanism with the use of a virtually unlimited depth of the literally hundreds of transparency fills used on each pieces of the artwork, giving a sense of boldness to each one.

While there are only four(4) images, there are also 3 different color/formats available, upping the availability to twelve (12). Two of those sets of designs is portrait in orientation and the final one is landscape in orientation, which is the normal design layout for Series on

Anyone spotted what the images portray yet?  It may be easier on the first one to see if the focus is placed on the bottom set of elements – an angel.  On the second print, the angel is easiest to determine on the top.  The wings are most definitely visible in print number three.  The fourth one is spectacular in presentation, for there are 10 angels in this one all leaning in-ward toward the center.  See them.  There is also one more element – you may need to back up to see it…  It may also help if you were to sing our Pastor’s favorite Christmas song…  “O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem…”  Now do you see it???  Their arms cross to create a…


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