What a topic to discuss, that actually came from a considerably different point of view!  Forgiveness – something each of us do, have done and need to continue. It is totally different than a person saying “I’m sorry for…” This Series on Forgiveness was actually developed from verses utilized in presenting four (4) things that God does with our confessed sin used by Amazing Grace Missions at Fairs around the United States and other countries.

Amazing Grace Missions

The four statements come from Micah 7:19, Psalms 103:12, Isaiah 38:17 & Hebrews 8:12 in the  King James Version Bible. The excerpts follow:

  1. Micah 7:19 | “…wilt cast all their sins into the depths of the sea.”
  2. Psalm 103:12 | “…he removed our transgressions from us.”
  3. Isaiah 38:17 | “…thou hast cast all my sins behind thy back.”
  4. Hebrews 8:12 | “…their iniquities will I remember no more.”

Gaining Context

Most of the time when a Series is being developed and worked on, it results in review of many passages of Scripture to make sure that the item selected fits and is taken in the right context, or as some my think, the write context.  By that, it is meant to indicate that the research done for them is much greater than the work on the Series themselves, which often provides material for a new Series to be developed. This one followed that same pattern for certain and served as a dual purpose, first to solidify the understanding of what God the Father does with our sins and second to see if a pattern exists for the set of Scripture verses indicate something different/larger than the phrases themselves.

The discovery is simply amazing! The four (4) thoughts found in the verses carry a larger meaning to Christians, for they give the WHY for the resulting “doing”.  These are solid examples of what each one of us need to be doing, as we seek to follow Jesus Christ, being more like Him than ourselves.  The result is astonishing – a pattern emerges for us to be like, to have the heart to do and how we should handle our expectations.  We are to:

  1. Be found “having compassion” as God has for us.
  2. Understand “great is His Mercy” toward us, which we should show forth to others.
  3. Remember “my soul delivered” allows us the opportunity to witness to others through personal testimony.
  4. Live our lives as God’s Word commands so others will have desire of have His Word written “in their hearts”.

We are the ones who have to commit those actions: Be found, Understand, Remember and Live, so that we have a proper view of Forgiveness ourselves!


This Series on Forgiveness have four sets of prints actually, but all follow a consistent set of design features.  The original items were four (4) statements following the statement “What four things God does with our confessed sin”, two Christian songs and nine (9) verses of Scripture from Psalm 40 | KJV.

Forgiveness Considerations

  • Micah | Having Compassion
  • Psalm | Great Is His Mercy
  • Isaiah | My Soul Delivered
  • Hebrews | In Their Hearts

Two Christian Hymns/Songs

  • One Day At A Time | Verse One, Two, Chorus
  • Maybe Today | Verse One, Two, Three, Chorus

Nine Words To Consider

  • Patient | Wait Patiently For The LORD
  • Establish | He Established My Goings
  • Praise | A New Song Of Praise Unto God
  • Trust | Make The LORD Your Trust
  • Delight | My Heart Delights To Do Thy Will
  • Preserve | Let Thy Lovingkindness and Truth Continue
  • Pleased | Deliver Me And Help Me
  • Rejoice | Let All That Seek And Be Glad
  • Deliverer | The Lord Thinketh Upon Me
  • Hebrews | In Their Hearts

Each of the truths presented in this Series are from God’s Word.  The two pieces of music (which only the words are used in the prints) were based on Bible Verses.   All of the focus is placed on Forgiveness, both our receiving of it as Christians from a Holy God and ourselves with others such that our communication not be hindered from reaching Heaven’s Throne Room.

Are there things in your life and mine where we don’t sit well with the word Forgiveness?  If so, this Series points us to specific places in the Bible to gain traction on the matter of how God The Father forgives us and how we are to be in forgiving others.

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