This Series is most interesting in that several out of the ordinary items occurred during the research of the verses of Scripture for it and how it applied to several things that are going on right now in the lives of people that are personally known.  In as much as it helped me in my own personal time of study and learning, it allowed me to see into the lives of others and reflect back into my own through theirs. I believe that is just how our Creator wants us to view Him, we should see a reflection of Him in us as we live our lives – wherever, however, whenever, whatever, whoever we may be.

As has been often said in my hearing, we were not given the opportunity to live a righteous, saved, born-again life to just do nothing – we are indeed to be doing more than just something for Him.  We have been given the most important task known to mankind in the history of civilization itself – share the Good News of the Gospel with others – we are to be a Servant of the Saviour.

Being A Servant

Sometimes we as Christians may get our wires crossed with what being a Servant is really, maybe that comes with living in the times which we do, or does it?  People think we have to be the best at every little detail or that we are not prepared – I’d challenge anyone to look in the Bible to find anyone totally prepared to do whatever God the Father called them to do…  There isn’t one to be found – besides our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

As this Series opens up, Nehemiah is introduced as a Servant, specifically “thy servant” of the King.  Those words were the result of communication to his Heavenly King, the LORD God of Heaven, in seven words:

“…I prayed to the God of heaven…” Nehemiah 2:4c | King James Version

Each of the pieces of this Series gives us building blocks of the time behind the requests being made and statements told that we are able to read, taken in and pattern ourselves after from the Bible.

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Am reminded over and over from teaching B-Sunday School, patterning is important – for if they “see” you doing something and living it out, they will likely do the same if they see it is genuine.  Adding to that comes the realization our Lord and Saviour sees EVERYTHING we do, EVERYWHERE we go, WHATSOEVER we think – plainly… He see’s the real you and me, for we are constantly in His sight.  I personally want to be what He wants us to be and that He expects to see.


There are twelve (12) considerations that were developed for this Series, stemming from the initial focus on “thy servant” in Nehemiah 2:5 | KJV; they are listed below.

Favour Sight Considerations

  • Mercy to this Man
  • Preserved My Spirit
  • He Will Deliver Him
  • Shout For Joy
  • In Thy Sight
  • Give Thanks
  • In His Servant
  • About Thy Neck
  • Watching Daily
  • A Good Wife
  • To Be Chosen
  • Thy Servant

In the world today, there is a prevalent display of a need to please oneself – even in the Christian realm of society – where less and less are people able to see a genuine concern for the spiritual relationship work of Christ in our lives.  When we have the right relationship with Christ, we will walk with Him and others will see that walk – they more often than not will KNOW Who it is you walk with. Can you imagine being Nehemiah, having King Artaxerxes ask you what was troubling you and how might he help in the matter?  There is a King of the highest order who can help with EVERY difficulty, trial, challenge and uncertainty, Who knows all the details, with an answer for each situation.

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