Reaching back to 2007, this Series reminds me of the group of ladies in which it was designed for — the Faithful Friend’s Ministry at our church.  Several iterations were run through to get the final ten (10) images presented here.  They have been enhanced slightly to make them fit the 4×5/8×10 format for this site, as they were originally 4×6 in size.

Concept of Faithful Friends

Our Ladies Ministry of our church has a WONDERFUL program which is an Encouragement program/ministry for the ladies of all ages!  It is a means in which each lady has the opportunity to Encourage their “secret” Faithful Friend throughout the year – all the while the receiving lady has no idea who is their Faithful Friend.

The initial meeting is a dinner to introduce all the ladies to the “concept” and “practice” of the Faithful Friend’s Ministry.  Each lady present draws a name of a secret partner for the upcoming year.  Contained on that piece of paper drawn holds special dates like anniversaries, birthdays, memorable occasions, as well as, hobbies, likes, interests, collectables, etc. which can be used as a creative launching pad for Encouragements to be devised.

A special table and Faithful Friend’s corner is used to “leave” those special Encouragements for the ladies to pick up throughout each month.  The excitement that builds with each exchange is simply awesome to watch…  I’ve even been “tapped” to “see” if I knew who dropped this or that off to the table…  What some folks don’t know is that we guys have been asked to go EVEN further than that – we sometimes are tagged to drop off a gift of several people removed so even we cannot tell who it is from…  Sneaky these ladies are for sure!

The last gift giving time is a “Reveal” dinner for all the ladies who participated and new ladies who wish to participate in the next edition of Faithful Friend’s. The word Encouragement cannot describe all of the excitement that builds for all of the ladies!  It is one of the reasons that the Series was developed as a set of cards initially and enhanced as time charged on!

Iterations of Statements

The original phrase used for the design was “Faithful Friends” which was simply to make available a design specific item for the ladies to use which would not “give away” who they were and were made available in the church bookstore.  That first round included three cards.

The second set of additions included the phrase “From Your Faithful Friend” with a new couple of images.  Quickly after those two new ones, a specific request was made for a more simple addition which could be more generic which included the phrase “To My Friend“.

The final set of four additions used the phrase “Love for a Faithful Friend” and a combination of photos just for them.

It is our hope that they will be found a Blessing and Encouragement for those that want to let that treasured friend know that you are thinking of them!


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