This Series is one that has been sitting before me for a bit of time, brought to mind by several men, but most pointedly by an individual who has quite a few more miles down the road than I do.  As is often the case, needed a set images to match the Series, which is where this first image comes into the picture. Needed something strong, bold and attention getting – for the first verse of Scripture in this Series is BOLD:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”
Psalm 51:10 | King James Version


Very clearly identified in verses 10 through 17 came eight phrases, that as they were considered formed and every other word structure that follows right through with the removal of a, an, the, etc. for keyword sequencing!  For example, with verse 10:

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.

Am not trying to change the Bible here at all – but making it personal does this to it:

Create my heart, God; renew my spirit.

In essence that is exactly what we are asking Him to do, to Create our Hearts – both yours and mine!  Talk about JUMP off the page, a crying David over his GROSS sin against His God, gives us a really CLEAR understanding of David’s desire to be close to the God of All Creation.  In asking God to create his heart, it is already known that what was being asked for was a heart of wanting to be perfect before His LORD.

The eight verses clearly present these “every other word” combos:

  • Create and Renew
  • Presence and Spirit
  • Restore and Uphold
  • Teach and Convert
  • Deliver and Sing
  • Open and Shew
  • Sacrifice and Offering
  • Broken and Contrite

While the images are one thing for this Series, my challenge to you is to see the Every Other Word challenge presented in this passage of Scripture – it is just simply amazing…  May each one of us be willing to follow David’s footsteps in getting before the Throne of Glory in asking the God of Glory for forgive us each and rebuild us daily into what He would have us be!  It is in us that are the World to be His mouthpiece and our actions, doings, goings… are what they really hear.


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