Who Is…


This first of four independent, but yet supporting prints for this Series utilizing the same design features as the original, highlight “Who Is The Missionary?”

Driving Concept

This Series Print focuses on four final pieces in the form of a question if “Who Is The Missionary…”

  1. In Your Neighborhood?
  2. At Your Workplace?
  3. In Your Classroom?
  4. On Your Sports Team?

17 | Who Is The Missionary…

Neighborhood | As we progress in our daily lives in the place where we live, we should work to make sure that our Spiritual desire makes meet with our Walk.
Workplace | Those that we work with see us as closely as our family does on a regular basis, we have an open opportunity for live out our Relationship with Christ in a manner that they can see.
Classroom | No matter the age bracket or place of learning, we should realize we have a captive audience that is watching our every move.
Sports Team | Whether it be a league, fantasy, college or professional, we will show our allegiance and preference through our support of them, which may provide an opportunity like no other in our lives – outside of a formal setting.

8x10 Landscape

Available Sizes: 1024×768 (SVGA/XGA) | 1280×1024 (SXGA)

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8x10 Landscape

  • Who Is The Missionary…
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